Calling all grads ........

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Calling all grads ........
Tue, 03-30-2004 - 8:27am
It's time for updates......We think about you all and praying for your H&H pg.

Your update means hope for us.

Hope everybody is doing well.

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Tue, 03-30-2004 - 3:57pm
Sorry it's been so long since I've checked in, but I'm happy to give you an update. I see a lot of new names on this board so I'll give a little history too.

I am 32, DH is 36. We've been married for 10 years and were TTC since we were married for 3. We went through all the regular tests. My HSG showed my tubes were open, but a laparoscopy later on showed I had severe pelvic adhesions which closed my left tube. My RE was puzzled as to why that did not show up on the HSG since she could tell the adhesions were not recent. Unfortunately, several months were wasted doing IUIs when I thought I had 2 open tubes. But, that alone should not have kept me from getting pg because I often had a good follie on the right side and still had no success so my RE still said I had a level of "unexplained IF". After multiple IUI cycles with Clomid and Gonal-F, I moved on to IVF. Fortunately, I live in MA where IF treatment is fully covered by health insurance if you have a MA based plan, which mine was, so all my IF treatment, including the IVF was covered. The IVF cycle was not as bad as I'd anticipated. All the injections were subcutaneous and in the end they retrieved 19 eggs of which 14 fertilized and 10 were good quality. I had a 3d transfer of 2 follies and got a BFP.

I am due to have my little girl in about 6 weeks. It's still somewhat surreal to me.

The pregnancy has been easy - a blessing I feel I earned from 7 years of TTC-lol. I had no morning sickness - just fatigue - the first tri, felt great the 2nd tri, and have just recently started to feel the discomforts of the third tri (soreness, fatigue, lack of sleep) - but I welcome it all.

Just remember there is always hope and that miracles do happen. You are all in my thoughts and prayers that your dreams come true.



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Tue, 03-30-2004 - 9:20pm
Tracey,thank you so much for sharing your story with us.I personaly remember you and the day you got your BFP.OMG!!!!6 more weeks,so soon.You gonna be one happy mama.I'm so happy for you and wishing you all the best to your family and little one.

Did you pick her name yet?

I'll be looking for your birth story.


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Thu, 04-01-2004 - 7:37pm
Hi everyone! I'm just checking in... I am now almost 11 weeks and the morning sickness is finally starting to go away. We had an u/s last week and saw the little one waving its arms and legs, it was amazing. I am now the CL of the pg after IF board, I hope to see each and every one of you over there very soon with BFP's!!! You are all in my thoughts and prayers!!

Love and hugs,


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Sat, 04-03-2004 - 8:07am
Hi Justine,thank you for your update.I'm so happy for you and your trully miracle baby.He/she is going to be luckiest person to have perents like you and Al.Enjoy this new journey and don't forget to stop by and give us an update.Hope to see you soon on Pg after IF board.

Good Luck and H&H 9 month.


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Wed, 04-07-2004 - 1:17pm
Hello everyone,

I was a big lurker occasional poster. Here is my story: Married November 1998 and my DH and I decided right than and there we would just start trying. We felt when it was meant to be it would happen. Well 2 years into that I started to worry that something might be wrong. Everyone around me was getting pregnant "without even trying" and we never even had a false positive. Started seeing our RE in the beginning of 2001. Here is a quick look at my protocols/procedures.

1st IUI - Clomid - 1-2 eggs - HCG - BFN

2nd IUI - Clomid - 6 eggs - HCG - BFN

3rd IUI - Repronex - 8 eggs - HCG - BFN

4th IUI - Lupron - Repronex - 12 eggs - HCG - BFN

MAJOR BREAKDOWN - Told Doc that was it. I was done being a pin cushion. With enough insurance and money saved we could do 1 IVF.

1st IVF - Lupron - Repronex - 10 eggs retrieved - 10 eggs fertilized - 2 eggs 5-day transfer - FINALLY BFP with twins

I am currently 14 weeks and started to relax a little. You all remain in my prayers every day that your dreams will be realized.

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Wed, 04-14-2004 - 4:57pm
Hi everyone - checking in with 6 weeks left to go before we meet our son. I still remember last June being so devastated after another BFN and trying to gear up mentally and physically for the August/Sept. IVF cycle, never expecting it to really work after almost 2 years of surgeries and inseminations, injections, etc. - but it did work and my pregnancy has gone along for 34 weeks totally uneventfully, even at 39 years old!

There is hope - hang on! Belly rubs and baby dust to everyone!


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