Update and Request

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Update and Request
Fri, 05-07-2004 - 9:39am
You can tell I have not been here for a while - sorry about that - I typed this post and lost it! So here goes again - If for some reason the other appears - sorry for the dup!

It was great to see so many new names!! Hooray for the grads and best wishes to all!!

Jillian is wonderfull - she will be 11 months next week! It is hard to belive the last year has flown by!! She is our joy and we could not be happier!

I am still working on the website (I know - it has taken too long). But the second I get it up I will post a link so you can check her out. The changes have been so many and we think and hope that we are handling them ok - The last week we have been struggling to find daycare - But I think we may have that finally under control!!

There is even a possilbity that I will be coming back this fall/winter to try again and I could not do it without the help and friendships that I got here!!

Now the Request - I have a friend, Jane, that is undergoing IVF and they just cancelled her first cycle. I have asked her to come join you ladies and that you would take great care of her and answer all of her questions. I even told her she could use my log in -so if you see my name in the newbie section - please see if you have any answers!

I know you will take great care of her!!!

Lauren - We haven't talked for a while - I hope you are well - Did you get your birthday card?

Grad wishes to Everyone!!

Dana (42) Dave (41) Jillian (11 months - IUI #2) and 1 angel

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Mon, 05-10-2004 - 11:18am


Good to see your name here.


I am so sorry you did not hear back from me.

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