Surprise Surprise.... Its a ........

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Surprise Surprise.... Its a ........
Thu, 12-03-2009 - 12:56pm


Can you belive the tech was able to tell already! I went yesterday for my NF tests and the tech asked me if she saw anything if I wanted to know and I said YES! So she took a look and said she sees a girl! She could tell because she saw 3 lines in the private area and boys dont have that and she saw something else (I dont remember now). I knew it! And the HB was 171!

The results were perfect! No problems at all. We are so relieved! At lest I dont have to worry about her anymore. Weve had our name picked out since TTC. So we are naming her Sophia! My little sleepy head wouldnt move much for the camera no matter how much juggling the tech did. She would only move for a sec. Take a look at my pics. Shes sucking her thumb already!


DH 34 and me 36 We’ve been together 16 years married Sep 2004. TTC our first since Dec 2004. Conceived using Provera and Clomid - MC April 03 2006 Conceived naturally - MC July 07 2008 Found out I have PCOS, MTHFR and Factor V Lieden so I will be a high risk pregnancy and have to inject myself every day with Fragmin. God please just give me 1 healthy baby please! BFP confirmed Sep 30 09!


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Thu, 12-03-2009 - 1:27pm
WAHOOOO Cynthia!!!
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Thu, 12-03-2009 - 1:58pm


I am very happy for you!

I'm so glad everything is ok and you can put your worries to rest. I hope the remainder of your pregnancy is a breeze. You deserve it after all that you have been thru:)


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Thu, 12-03-2009 - 2:27pm
Wow Cynthia, that is early! Congratulations on your little girl, that is wonderful news!



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Thu, 12-03-2009 - 3:44pm

What a beauty Sophia is already, Cynthia!


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Thu, 12-03-2009 - 3:47pm


After struggling with infertility, we welcomed our son Noah on March 18, 2010! Formerly a teacher, I am now a breastfeeding, babywearing, stay at home Mom, and I couldn't love it any more!
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Thu, 12-03-2009 - 6:08pm
Congrats!! I found out at 15 weeks so I believe it!

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Thu, 12-03-2009 - 6:36pm
Oh she has such a cute little nose! Congratulations!!
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Me- 31, DH- 31; TTC #1 since Nov. '07; No known FI issues; DH has borderline/low motility
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Fri, 12-04-2009 - 12:23pm

Thank you everyone! I am still so excited! I didnt really care what I was having I just wanted a healthy baby. But its nice to know what color to buy! I hope I start to feel her soon. Chances are it will be a while. I am a little over weight and the placenta is in the front. Its good protection for her but gives poor US pics and makes it harder to feel movement early. Next US is 20 weeks so all those pics got to hold me till then. I got 59 pics and 6 videos! I think Ill have enough for now! lol!

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Fri, 12-04-2009 - 12:53pm
Congrats Cynthia!


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