Beta results!

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Beta results!
Fri, 02-26-2010 - 3:42pm

My first Beta came back today at 267!  The nurse called it a solid number.  I call it a miracle.  I'm all smiles.  I think DH is in shock.......he keeps saying, now what do we do??!!

I go back next Friday for another Beta.  Possible u/s will be week of 3/15.

Thanks for all the well wishes so far, but keep them coming!



Me: 37, DH: 41

TTC for 5 years . 1 Ectopic PG at 8 weeks; 2 IVF’s – (one BFP, ended in m/c at 8 weeks; one BFN); 4 IUI’s – all BFN.  Moving on to IVF in February 2010!!

Me: 39, DH: 43

TTC for 5 years . 1 Ectopic PG at 8 wee


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Fri, 02-26-2010 - 3:58pm

Congradulations! How exciting. I hope everything goes well and you have a wonderful 9 months of pregnancy.


Me ~ 31  DH ~ 33  TTC #1 since August 2002. Dealing with mild Endo, PCOS, D

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Fri, 02-26-2010 - 4:12pm
WHOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I am jumping up and down in my chair and smiling ear to ear. Congratulations! That is funny what your DH said, it's like, we've worked so hard to get here, now what do we do? Very cute.



I'm 38, DH is 42 and we are TTC #1. We've had 3 unexplained miscarriages and a bout with Asherman's Syndrome but we're determined.

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Fri, 02-26-2010 - 5:19pm
Great news Monica.

Mom to Sebastian Robert after 3+ years of infertility

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Fri, 02-26-2010 - 6:23pm
Congratulations on an awesome beta!!!
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Fri, 02-26-2010 - 8:32pm
That is fantastic news!
After struggling with infertility, we welcomed our son Noah on March 18, 2010! Formerly a teacher, I am now a breastfeeding, babywearing, stay at home Mom, and I couldn't love it any more!
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Fri, 02-26-2010 - 9:40pm


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IVF# 2  April 2009 - BFN
IVF# 3 July

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Fri, 02-26-2010 - 11:45pm




Me- 31, DH- 32; TTC #1 since Nov. '07; No known FI issues; DH has borderline/low motility
IUI #1 on Apr. 25--BFN;

IUI #2 on May 22-- BFN ;

IUI#3 on June 19--BFN ;

IUI#4 on July 17--BFN ;

IUI#5 on Aug. 12--BFN ;

IUI#6 (clomid/menopur combo, 3 follicles) on October 20-- BFN;

November cycle canceled due to cyst ;

IUI#7 December 11 (Menopur, possibly two follicles)BFN;

IUI#8 January 5 (Menopur, three follies)BFN ;

Sat out the January cycle;

IUI #9 February 24 (Menopur, three follies)



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Sat, 02-27-2010 - 2:10pm

Hooray Monica!

~ Meron born 12-09-11 after 3 1/2 years of TTC, IUIs and IVF.
~ #2 on the way(!) and due 06-06-13.

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Sat, 02-27-2010 - 7:14pm
Wooohooo! Monica, congratulations!!! Best of luck to you and can't wait to see you on PGATTC!



Mason James was born 8/21/10, 8lbs 12 oz after close to 3 years of infertility.
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Sun, 02-28-2010 - 7:51am

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it, LOL

I was thinking of you Friday morning and a good feeling came over me so I just knew it was going to be good news.

I am so very happy for you:)

Wishing you a happy & healthy 9 months.