Beta #1 results

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Beta #1 results
Mon, 03-01-2010 - 12:36pm

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Had my beta this morning for IUI#3...totally convinced that it once again did not work (I even asked to speak to the nurse to talk about next cycle, thats how convinced I was)  Didn't POAS this time, just waited until this morning.

The nurse that I always sees calls us 2 hours later, we were in the car on the way to look at exercise equipment at Sears and she asked if I was sitting down because we're pregnant!!!!  I put her on speaker phone so she could tell DH.  He was driving, and he's been sick with the cold that I had last week so I'm amazed that he didn't pass out!

I'm 14dpo, so I hope that these numbers are good: Beta is 36.7 and progesterone was a little over 20 (20 is what they like to see).  I keep taking the prometrium and everything else that I was taking.  Fingers crossed that we'll get to 60 on Wednesday.  My beta from Jan. 2009 was 24, so I'm hoping that this is a good start and that this little bean will want to stick.

I've been a total mess this 2ww, have been failing at my diet the last few days, I was sick most of last week, I was SUPER stressed at much for taking it easy!  So, I hope thats another sign that this is a strong bean! 

Being cautious right now, after having one loss.  I really hope and pray that this is it!  Thank you for all the good wishes!  Will keep everyone posted!  Fingers crossed!!!!!


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Mon, 03-01-2010 - 12:54pm

Congrats!!! Sending you sticky vibes!

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Mon, 03-01-2010 - 1:17pm
Congratulations and here's to hoping for

Karen S

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Mon, 03-01-2010 - 1:27pm
sooo excited for you !!! congrats and ill be thinking of lots of stickiness !
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Mon, 03-01-2010 - 1:54pm

Congratulations Liz!!

I love the line on your siggy - how you are not giving up....and look - you got a BFP!! I hope your little one does not give up either and sticks around for 9 months!!

Good luck on Wednesday.


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Mon, 03-01-2010 - 2:23pm


Yay!! That is wonderful news:)



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Mon, 03-01-2010 - 2:40pm
Congrats Liz.

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Mon, 03-01-2010 - 2:45pm
Liz, that is wonderful news!


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Mon, 03-01-2010 - 2:45pm
How very exciting!
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Mon, 03-01-2010 - 4:11pm
Wonderful news! I am cautiously excited for you ;) I know how hard this can be after a loss. Yet, it is so exciting to be back in the game. Wishing you all the luck in the world! KUP!

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Mon, 03-01-2010 - 6:06pm

Liz, I understand being cautious, especially after going through a loss. I'll be crossing my fingers that your beta doubles and this little one sticks for you. Best wishes tomorrow!

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