Most of the world grieves with the U....

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Most of the world grieves with the U....
Fri, 09-14-2001 - 11:34am

Most of the world grieves with the U.S....may I urge you all to think of yourselves as members of the global (m)

community? Many of the victims of this tragedy were foreign nationals...some in the office buildings, some as tourists on the streets or in the buildings and hotels, some on the planes. Many people abroad lost friends and relatives in this as well and almost all of us have lost our sense of safety ANYwhere in the world. We in this country are not alone in our grieving and suffering.

While I am almost always proud to be an American, I also hope we can move toward being a one world/one people kind of thinking.

The suffering from this disaster exceeds any political entity or any borders.

I sincerely thank those around the world who are rushing to add their prayers, thoughts, aid and assistance in this time of tragic loss for so many. We are truly all in this together.