My transfer will......(questions inside)

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My transfer will......(questions inside)
Thu, 04-03-2003 - 6:23am
My transfer will most likely be either April 26th or 27th. She even told me (my nurse) that very likely I could be one of those coming in on the weekend for my tranfer...GREAT! Dh is home and that makes life TONS problem...and this is where I need YOUR help...

My 10 yr old son's 11th birthday is Sunday (the 27th)...what type of thing do I let him plan for his birthday that can be done that weekend and not be totally undoable if I have my transfer that weekend. 1) my husband will have to be chaparone to me (or taxi driver) for transfer and then be caretaker for our children (mostly our two younger ones 6 and 4) But also I don't want him to think mom doesn't want to celebrate too. Nor do I want it to look like I sent dad out to entertain him and mom didn't go. (IF I have them go DO something.) I am thinking of having him do something with his friends (a party) the WEEKEND before. My retrival won't be until the beginning of that week so it won't overlap and put a crimp in his party with his friends that way. But how do I go about doing things family wise for his actual birthday? Something that can still seem special? Do we do pizza in? That seems unfun. Maybe board games night? Do I try to find someone to watch the younger boys over night so that we can spend time with him doing board games and pizza (just dad, him and I?) at home. Slim chance of actually getting a sitter for the night though.

Anyway.....looking for suggestions on things to do and ways to handle my 11 yr olds questions since I'm not telling him what we are doing. He gets enough pressure from my mom to tell her what's going on in our home (she's horrible!) so not going to add more stress and strain to him until we know that I'm pregnant. IF.

Thanks for any help you could offer.

Sydney (day 5 of Lupron. End BCP's on Saturday....ultrasound on Thursday of next week all for IVF #1 after failed vasectomy reversal AND baby #4 (and maybe 5?? lol)