Help ASAP...pergonal and Gonal-F Q. ...m

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Help ASAP...pergonal and Gonal-F Q. ...m
Sat, 04-12-2003 - 10:17pm
My first gonal F and pergonal shots are in AM. In the gonal F video it says to do the shots Subcutaneously...BUT (no pun intended LOL...I didn't spell it BUTT) our paper has a handwritten line drawn to the intramuscular description. Has ANYONE done Gonal F intra muscular or is this an error on the nurses part? I thought i had this all down...that we'd be set to do this in the morning. I'm freaked! The pergonal DOES go into the hip (butt area) right? Because I am almost sure it's supposed to go intramuscular. But I am SO confused as to the Gonal F. Also..these are two seperate shots correct. You don't pull the two together and then inject??? Our teaching was weeks ago...and I have drawn a total blank.

PLEASE don't tell me I should have consulted my doctor. I was just there...and I asked the nurse to give me a refresher on the Gonal F and Pergonal. And when I asked about injecting she helped me locate the area on my hip. I losing all reality here? I correct in understanding that you start the pergestorone in oil the day before retrival? I will double check tomorrow. Just wondering what others have been told. I have an 8:30am ultrasound in the morning (Sunday morn) because AF is not here yet. Again another confusing situation because I know she's going to start by tomorrow...cramping and VERY light tinge of her on TP. I know the signs and she will be here tomorrow. THinking to have Dh kick start it (sorry to be gross) but he ALWAYS does when we BD and she's due. They told me if AF started to CANCEL my ultrasound...but since it hasn't officially started as of yet (10:30ish pm) I am planning to still show up for my ultrasound just in case. This will ease my mind incase we don't do the very first stims shots exact. If I hear no responses the Gonal F is going in my thigh..the pergonal in my hip...both in the morning.

To top it all off we went through my box of meds (I store them all together in a box) and found that my HCG (profasi) is MISSING. I am not sure I ever got it from the pharmacy. I have the sheet saying it was know they give them to you with each perscription you pick up (I didn't order it via mail...local pharmacy) now I have to inquire about ANOTHER perscription just incase AND then on Monday I will stop at my pharmacy when they open and ask if maybe it's still sitting there. Either way...I'm without it and it's going to be very much needed.

Can anything ELSE go wrong????






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Sun, 04-13-2003 - 1:13pm
Sydney - first take a breath in and then let it out. Ok, let's start with question 1. About the Gonal - F. When you are mixing it with the pergonal I have always done that combo IM. And yes I have always done it as a combo shot. Both mixed together. That is why my RE always tells me to go by what they say and don't read the instructions inside. I'm sure that this is how your RE works too. They all have their own little methods.

2. PIO's no you aren't losing your mind - you do start those injections the day before TR. It is best to get some of it in your sytem prior. Some RE's will have your first shot be double the amount you will normally take others won't. You'll get those instruction most likely at RT.

As for you HCG shot. I hope you pharmacy can help you out in finding whether it was filled or not. Threre is a lot to keep track of meds, syringes and yes, your mind too. Try and take it one day at a time, one injection at a time. It really does help to get you through it.

If you need help with the mixing info please e-mail me at

I will hear that I have new e-mail before I will check the bd again.

Hugs, and I hope this helped - CL~Kris