1st time IVF

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1st time IVF
Sat, 04-19-2003 - 5:00pm
Hello, I tried to write yesterday(my first time here) and I guess I did it wrong :(

Anyways, my husband and I have been trying for 2 years now and no success going natural - we even tried clomid and IUI's for 6 months - too long to be on clomed though - it did more damage than good - now we just did our first IVF transfer on 04-08-03, I go in tomorrow 04-20-03 for my blood test to tell if I'm prego - I'm soooo nervous. Originally they were going to transfer 4 to 5 eggs and ended up only doing 2, I feel cheated and wish they gave me more so I'd have more of a chance. Although I do feel different now - I've been extremely emotional - I cry at everything now and I've been having cramping and lower back pain - like when I start my monthly - but nothing happens - everyone tells me this is normal and its a good sign - just last night I noticed the left side of my belly is a little swollen - and today its really noticable - I think its a good sign but my husband is worried, only cuz when they put my eggs in I was told that I had something called "ebmriotic stimulazation syndrom" which they said is when the eggs grow too fast and get alot larger than normal, then this fluid leeks out and I'll end up looking 9 mos pregnant at only 2 mos along - the doctors have me keeping a log of my weight gain and so far so good - I haven't gained more than 3 lbs. They said if I gained 5 or more lbs then they'd have to give me some kind of special meds. Well I've been a bit of a jabber jaw, I just wanted to see if anyone has experienced what I'm going through and had any advice for me - I think things are looking good for me and can't wait until tomorrow! I've seen all the differnt kinds of meds other people are on and wonder why I've only been given Lupron and now Progerteron. Is that normal? Why does everyone else get meds like Repronex, Follistim, and Antagon? What are these meds for? What do they do? Why would I not have to take them? If I don't take them then does it lower my chances of a successful pregnancy? Any advice on meds or early tummy swelling? Keep in mind that I'm a very petite person and any weight gain is noticable right away with me - been that way all my life.