Nervous 1st time IVF

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Nervous 1st time IVF
Tue, 05-06-2003 - 1:10pm
If all goes well, I'm down to the last week before retrieval/transfer. A few questions though. I currently have a minor cold, could that present a problem for the retrieval? Should I mention it tomorrow to the doc when I go for my ultrasound/bloodwork? Our tentative retrieval date in 5/11 (yes, Mother's Day). We're having ICSI done as well. Is there anything that me and my husband could be doing the next few days to increase our success. We don't drink or smoke as is and are both vegans. Last thing, how do you decide the number of embryo's to transfer? The nurse said the doctor would tell us the odds right before the transfer and we have to make a quick decision but is there anything that could help us? I would love the idea of having twins but anymore would be very frightening as I am very overweight.

Thanks for any info.


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Thu, 05-08-2003 - 6:03pm
I did a fresh IVF cycle last July & then a frozen cycle in August. The frozen one is the one that worked (despite the lower success rate).

Definitely mention your cold but I doubt it will affect much although perhaps will affect the anesthesia. In terms of preparation, you need to be relaxed & as stress-free as possible. As corny as that sounds, I really think that will increase your chances. The fact that you both don't drink or smoke is great. I read an article (I think on iVillage) about how women who were optimistic about results of IVF had a higher success rate.

We didn't do ICSI so I have no suggestions on that.

I'd strongly suggest really discussing with your husband how many you want to put back in. It may not determine what you decide to do once the dr. discusses the odds but at least you'll have some idea. It was so hard for us to make that decision at the last moment & by the time they discuss it with you, you're already scrubbed & in a hair net & paper booties...a little hard to make such an important decision under those circumstances. The first cycle, we had 18 fert. eggs & the dr. recommended putting 3 in. We were so sure it would work (& not thrilled about having twins) that we said to only put 2 in. Well, neither took. When we went in for the frozen cycle, we were more practical. Only 3 of the remaining eggs had survived the thawing. One had divided alot but the other 2 didn't look so hot. We had them put all 3 back in & a month ago, I gave birth to our son.

Best of luck to you!