St. Barnabas vs. Univ.of Penn

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St. Barnabas vs. Univ.of Penn
Sat, 05-10-2003 - 11:00am
Hello. I'd be grateful for help with this question. We're currently at the University of Pennsylvania Fertility Center (Coutefaris). I (the female) am 34 and have had 1 episode of high fsh (14). We had 1 canceled IVF cycle (due to poor response) that converted to IUI (failed) and 1 completed IVF cycle that failed (5 eggs; 5 embryos; 4 transferred). We think we'd like to try one more time w/my eggs b/c of the better (still not great) response we got the 2d time around.

Here's my question: given my history so far, is it a silly fantasy to think that St. Barnabas could do something different for me that Penn can't? In other words, what factors would folks recommend considering when deciding whether to pick up stakes and move from Penn (a very solid, well regarded large city clinic) to the "big guns" of St. Barnabas or Cornell?