Boston IVF (m)

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Boston IVF (m)
Mon, 05-26-2003 - 11:40am
I am currently just starting my 2ww for my 2nd of 3 cycles with Gonal-F/IUI. If this or my next cycle are unsuccessful (forgive me for not being optimistic), IVF is next, so I am starting to research clinics. Have any of you received treatment at Boston IVF (specifically the Waltham location) or know someone who has? Any feedback or input you can provide me for this or other Boston area clinics is greatly appreciated!

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Wed, 05-28-2003 - 9:56pm
Hi Tracey,

I occasionally lurk here and just noticed your post. I can't help you with Boston IVF but I can tell you that I have been VERY happy with the expertise at Brigham & Women's Center for Reproductive Medicine. The doctors there have all been terrific, their process is organized and thorough, and they are well-respected in the medical community from what I understand. B&W also has ways to do all your testing and bloodwork at satellite facilities (such as Newton-Wellesley Hospital) if going into the city for testing is not convenient. I know that Boston IVF also has a great reputation and may in fact use some of B&W's resources for its procedures (but I"m not sure).

Good luck in your current cycle. I hope it is successful. If you do need to move on to IVF, however, be glad you live in an area with such great choices available to you!

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Fri, 05-30-2003 - 8:36pm

I do know someone who used Boston IVF at the Waltham location and she has a healthy 2 year old son! She just went for a second transfer last week and we are awaiting the results!

Best wishes to you!

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Sat, 05-31-2003 - 7:03pm

I don't know much about the Boton IVF or the B&W centers. But, I had success with my first attempt at the Fertility Center of New England (FCNE)in Reading. I had three embryos transferred, which resulted in a very healthy twin pregnancy.

However, I lost both twins at 18 and 19 weeks, due to Incompetent Cervix. I'll be starting my 2nd IVF cycle this July at FCNE. I've been very happy with them.

Good luck and keep me posted!