??? how to pay for ivf, if ins doesnt

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??? how to pay for ivf, if ins doesnt
Thu, 06-05-2003 - 8:59am
Hi, i was just wondering how most of you are paying for ivf if your insurance isn't covering ivf. how much is ivf in your state? i live in virginia and i think ivf is about $12k here. i have no idea where i'm going to get that kind of money from. how are the majority of you paying for ivf and how much is the shared risk program. ivf isn't covered in virginia. so unfair. i was thinking about moving when i finish school.


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Fri, 06-06-2003 - 6:14pm
Hi. I live in CA and IVF is really not mandated to be covered by Law. I'm paying about $10k for the IVF which includes ICSI. My insurance covers $2k.

Move to Massachusetts, it's covered there in full. I know from experience because I use to live there prior to CA.

Good Luck.


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Mon, 06-23-2003 - 12:03am
Hey Semeka,

From the way things look hubby and I will be paying around $10,000 for IVF. We chose a clinic in California. As for the shared risk program it's a program that guarantees your money back if the cycle fails. You pay a higher fee for that. I'm assuming at least $2,000-3,000 more for a cycle of IVF. We are doing a combination of saving and taking out a loan for IVF.


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Mon, 06-23-2003 - 12:35pm
IVF...it's expensive. I live in Nebraska, with the insurance changes going on here.

I didn't think we could afford it either. My insurance pays 80% and we pay 20%. Insurance will cover $5300 for IVF. I surely was thinking where is the money coming from. Just have faith in the lord and he will provide for you.

Good Luck.


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Mon, 06-23-2003 - 2:23pm
I live in Illinois and we do have a mandated law that insurance covers infertility, up to and including IVF. BUT, there are loop holes where some companies can get out of it. Like of course mine and my husbands. We are paying out of pocket $16,000 for IVF including the drugs. My father had died a year ago and left me some money. As it is, his money will be paying to help us have his grandkids. I know you can try to take out a loan if you aren't able to pay for it out of savings. Or moving to a different state, but make sure the company you go with, does in deed cover it. Like us, even though our state mandates it, there are many companies that get around it. I did look into the shared risk, and it was at least $3k more than what we were paying. We figured we trust the Doctor we are with, so we are going with him.

Good luck to you!

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Tue, 06-24-2003 - 10:45pm
Hi, I also live in Illinois... and it was a big relief to know about the state mandate, and bigger relief to know that my DH's company included the coverage, otherwise, we probably wouldn't do IVF at all, and opt for adoption (<-- that can be costly too!)... I thought I would start my 1st IVF cycle this month, but my $#%&'n RE decided I should do nothing this month because my FSH was 10.8 and I only had 3 follicles... but this was without any meds or stims whatsoever! I'm really upset about that, and he travels to Europe quite often so he's not available much, and that might be a factor in his continued pressure for me and my dh to "go directly to donor egg." Well, right now, while he's in Europe I'm considering a consultation with another RE, in fact, I'm going to call their office tomorrow to find out how soon I can get an appt.

I think the money your father left you is now going to be put to the best use possible... actually, a very miraculous use! I'm sure he'd very happy about it :-) Have you started a cycle yet? Who are you seeing?