Possibly.... signs of preg????

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Possibly.... signs of preg????
Thu, 06-26-2003 - 2:06pm
Hi Ladies, I'm new to this. But, I am not new to IVF, I have had 2 unsuccessful cycles. I am in the final stages of my third. I had 2 (7 & 9 cell)embs trans. I was suppose to go for my BETA yesterday morning BUT, I was not ready to hear the news. I am soooo scared because of past experience. I am sure there is someone who can identify with me.

I don't want to get too excited because I have been feeling things that I have not experienced with the other two cycles. Then I say to myself, "If I am preg,it's too early to feel this or that. Ya know what I mean??? It's CRAZY. This time around we have not told family members and such because for us, it just seemed that it would be less stressful. I know that we had all the support and prayers from them in the past but, the questions and everything is sometimes too much. Then the fact that they did not know what to say after the results were neg.

Anyway, I am suppose to go tomorrow morning. We did buy a hpt but, I am really apprehensive to take it. Should I even bother?? With all the meds and all. Plus, isn't the HCG still in my sys from the shot?? Michael says, "He KNOWS" I'm preg. But, I just look at him, it's soooooooooooooooo hard. I only have till tomorrow so, pls send some prays and baby dust my way. The things I am feeling that I never felt the last times are...TENDER (actually SORE, tingly nipples) not my whole breast just that one area, I am absolutely exhausted by the time three o'clock rolls around. I came home from work two days ago at 5:30 was asleep by 5:45 till 8:00, woke up, ate and then back to bed by 10:30pm. That's really not normal for me. I am such a night owl. I have gained a couple of pounds(3 ro 4) I just feel that I am hungry ALL THE TIME. I know the weight can also be from the meds. It wasn't like this though in the past.

Can this all be???? isn't it too early if I am preg to be feeling this???? Believe me I am being very positive and hopefull, I have to say that this cycle is the easiest and the most "UNSTRESSFULL" one of them all. So, pls anyone with some feedback or if anyone has had the similar experience reply to me. I am thanking and sending you all my prayers along with of course, some................BABY DUST!!!!!!!!!!

Regards, Doreen

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Thu, 06-26-2003 - 4:09pm
Hi, Doreen! It's definitely not too early to be seeing signs of pregnancy if you are already due to have your beta. I had some signs before my beta too. I was emotional, very tired, very hungry, and had tender bb's, all of which were unusual for me. I would skip the HPT and just get the beta done ASAP. I took 2 HPT's before my beta that were both negative, and now I'm about to have twins! Good luck to you!

: ) Bobbi, 35w3d with g/g twins after IVF/ICSI #1

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Fri, 06-27-2003 - 10:47am

Our prayers and good thoughts for you on this anxiety and excitement filled day. Baby dust and good luck to you, over and over again. Please e-mail with the good news (or if you need someone to just listen).

I actually had an IVF baby 1.5 years ago and know I was blessed the first time around. But I am now into day 3 after transfer for baby 2. I can't stand the anxiety of the wait. Since it is fresh in your mind could you share what you felt (physically) during the days between transfer and today? I felt slight cramps the day of and the day following transfer. Was this a good sign? I also realize day 6-7 are crucial for implantation. How did you feel? Did you stay off your feet or change you activity level? What did you do? I know the Docs' say it won't affect it but I would just die if soemthing I did effected it.

Well, this is about you and wishing you all the strength and peace for today and the wait on the call.

Good luck and I'd love to hear back from you directly at virginia.james@regentmedicalus.com


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Fri, 06-27-2003 - 10:48am
Hi Bobbi! Thank you sooo much for your feedback. We did not do the HPT last night, I went this am for my beta. I am keeping my fingers crossed!!!! Ya know what I mean?? I should be getting a call around 3:00 or so with my numbers. I'm doing OK though, thank God. It's out of my hands. I will let you know the good news. See....I'm being positive!!!!

I checked out your website. You look great!! Did you gain alot of weight?? It looks like it's all in your tummy. The girls are a wonderful size!! HOW EXCITING!!!! It must have taken some time for reality to kick in, huh? I am trying to figure out the acronyms, when you say IVF/ICSI #1...does that mean you got preg on the first cycle?? Anyway, thanks again and hopefully I'll have some good new coming my way.

Thanks again,