Pregnancy Likelihood

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Pregnancy Likelihood
Sun, 07-06-2003 - 4:35pm
I have a very close 36 yr old friend whose doctor is telling her that her chances are very good at getting pregnant and starting the IVF procedure. I was wondering if anyone else has some or all of the following conditions to see if she is being told realistic expectations. She had three fibroid tumors, two of which were taken out and one has been left; her 48 yr old husband has low sperm count (3mm); and she has a pituatory tumor of which she has taken medication to increase ovulation and now ceased to start IVF.

She is so wanting children and indeed would make a great mom. I just would hate to see her put so much into this avenue (and not look at others such as adoption) when she has these conditions. Anyone have any comments or feedback?

Thanks a bunch.

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Tue, 07-08-2003 - 4:37pm
I think its hard for anyone to say what someones chances are. I am very experienced with fibroids and have had 3 myomectomies to remove them. My husband has a high sperm count. My only obstacle was my surgeries left my tubes scared and we believe that they are closed. My fibroids were also so large they had to be removed. The only way I got pregnant was through IVF. I got pregnant on the first try but only after having all my fibroids removed.

I also did IVF when I was 33 years old and I am now 35. I will be attempting a FET cycle this month and as far as I know my fibroids are gone or least very small. If your friend does IVF and gets some good embryos than her chances are quite high for getting pregnant. If she is doing it without any fertility help then I might think her chances are a bit smaller.