Donations Needed/Help IVF!

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Donations Needed/Help IVF!
Thu, 07-10-2003 - 1:37am

****** Need Donations for Surgery ******

Hello Everyone,

My name is Sonya Moss, and my finance and I have been trying to get

pregnant for sometime now.

In 1997 I had an ectopic pregnancy and Grady Hospital removed half of my left tube (left salpingectomy), and advised me that I shouldn’t have any problems conceiving since I did this time...unfortunately, THEY WERE WRONG!

So we decided to find out what the problem was. Dr Dominguez from Emory Crawford Long Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia performed a laparoscopy on me Sept 16, 2002 which revealed that I have Endometriosis. Which means for us, that we have to have In Vitro Fertilization done if we are looking to have any children. This isn’t a bad thing and we are definitely shooting for the stars with this, but as you know, In Vitro is quite expensive. We have about $7,000 available but the procedure costs $10,000. And as you know, the hospitals want their money upfront with all In Vitro patients, unless your insurance covers this type of procedure, and Georgia is not one of those states where it is mandated by law to offer this coverage.

I am asking for donations to help us with this procedure to have children, and we are so close to having this blessing join our family. Please help with anything if you can. We are simply waiting on my next cycle to begin so I could go in on day 3 for my blood work and bring the hospital the money for the procedure. My cycle is expected to be due July 19, 2002. PLEASE HELP!

Thank you in advance & God Bless you,

Donations could be mailed to me at:

Sonya Moss

120 Glenwood Court

Douglasville, GA 30134

404-226-9056 Cell

678-715-1177 Home

***** You could also fedex donations to me at my expensive with Acct# 1807 3145 8 *******