looking for some encouragement

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looking for some encouragement
Fri, 07-11-2003 - 10:45pm
hello ... Im new to the board,and i supose i am looking for some hope... I am at the end of my first ivf cycle. My pg test is scheduled for this coming thursday the 17/7. Up until now i have had a pretty successful cycle... things just seemed to fall into place. i responded well to the stimulation...they were able to retrieve 16 eggs and 13 fertalized, then out of that 1 was transfered and 7 frozen. My Husband and i were pretty hopeful, as i am only 25 and statistics are pretty high for that age group. But last night i notised a streak of blood on my progestorone gel applicator, and also through out this morning when i wipe.I have been getting light cramps here and there since the transfer... both of us are pretty scared for this cycle, and we are felling pretty hopeless right now... I hate to see my husband have to go through all of this.. we both want to be parents and to have our own childen more than anything in the world. I was diagnosed with mild endometrioisis about a year ago nd the good news was that all my reproductive organs were in good condition and they did cut the endo metriosis out qlong with a 6 month treatment afterwards...

Is there anyone out there in either the same position as me and has been successful, or just anyone with some encouraging testimonies that i can hang on to... i refuse to give up completely until i get the results on Thursday

Thanks Carlie

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Sat, 07-12-2003 - 10:26am
Hi Carlie.

I am 31, have done 2 cycles of IVF (in 2001) and am now beginning cycle 3. With our second cycle, we conceived our daughter, who is now 18 months old. I know the bleeding and cramping is scary...I bet if you went thru the archives on this site, you would see that it may be the number one thing people talk about. It can mean two things, and you just won't know until closer to that pg test. I can tell you that I bled with my dtr. I kept a journal and know that for the two weeks between implantation and pg test, I bled (red blood) and had cramping. I was so sure I was getting AF, but I just kept staying positive and hopeful (mostly due to the great group of ladies on the board at the time). Try to stay busy, and reframe it all as much as possible. In my first cycle, I would DREAD going to the bathroom b/c I was so upset by what I might see. My husband and I still would hold our breathes every time I went in there, straight through my second trimester of pg with our dtr. But, try your best to be cautiously optimistic. Let yourself believe a little bit that it could be a good sign, and not the opposite. That way, you stay sane. As far as I can tell, many women who go through this bleed and cramp during this period of time when they are pg. It is called implantation bleeding and the cramping is from all the changes in your uterus as the implantation is happening. My first cycle it happened to me too. We actually did get pg that cycle, but the embryo wasn't very strong so it m/c'd. But, I still did get pg and I did bleed and cramp.

Hang in there. Your DH will be ok. Remember, he can take of himself right now b/c you (and he) need to take care of you!

Hope to hear your news soon. I will be checking the board, so if you are just going nuts, post again and I will respond :)

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Sat, 07-12-2003 - 11:48pm
Hi Alison,

Thank you so much for responding... your story was really encouraging! I just dont know what to think at the moment. I have been reading through lots of messages on this board and following lots of stories ... and everyone is different. It is so exciting to hear of all these wonderful pregnancies , it keeps your hopes high... after following everyones stories, you kind of feel as though you know them... its strange... But somehow sitting here and reading about everyone brings me comfort.

My bleeding has been going for about a day and a half now..though it is still what i would call light... sometimes its scanty looking and smetimes its more red and its as though i am about to geta visit from the AF. last night i was about to go to sleep and i had strong cramps that made me feel a little sick( also i think because i get upset) but i feel ok at the moment and when i went to the bathroom just now there was only a spot of blood.... so, after reading about your story and others i just cant seem to let go of a positive just yet. I think it will take a full blown AF or a negative result on Thursday to totally convince me... Its like i try to tell my self that i need to deal with it, because signs are saying that i am getting my AF, but then i say NO i wont accept it until its absolutley final!

( sorry to vent so much, its just so good to talk to others who have been there)

Sometimes it justs feels like we are getting closer and closer to there being no more roads to take... and the thought of spending our life without our children is totally unbearable... The up side is we still have 7 kids in he fridge, and we think next time we will have 2 embryos t/f.

Where are you from Alison? I am from Sydney Australia... Isnt the Internet an amazing thing!

I hope all is going well ... when did you say you start your 3rd cycle? keep me posted ... thanks again for listening... and Blessings to you and DH

Carlie x

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Thu, 07-17-2003 - 2:16pm
Hi, I am not going through IVF, although I am on a Clomid cycle right now. BUT - here is some encouraging news for those of you going through IVF - my sister-in-law tried for almost 4 years, with 5 IUI's and 5 IVF's. This was their last shot at an IVF. And now they are having QUADRUPLETS! So, take heart and be patient, it may take a while, but it can happen. It can be a LONG, HARD road, but sometimes the results are spectacular!!

take care all of you

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Mon, 07-21-2003 - 5:53pm
Hi Carlie, I am just new to this site and it is just what I have been looking for. I noticed you are in Sydney, I am on the Sunshine Coast Qld. My husband and I have just finished our first full IVF cycle with a negative result. Nothing could have prepared me for the pain. I am now very keen to get on with a frozen transfer. I feel like it may never work for me but am kept positive knowing that my neighbour two doors up is due to have her first IVF baby in two weeks time. It was her third time that was successful. Also an old school friend delivered her first IVF baby about 3 months ago and it was her third attempt also. It is so amazing to see that so many people need help to conceive a baby, we all take it for granted that it will happen naturally and that it is our birth right. The hardest part is when everyone says - so are you pregnant yet? I just keep on hoping that one day my answer will be YES !!!! And then I will shout it to the whole world, you'll probably hear me in Sydney. Keep positive, IVF can perform miracles, but you just have to keep trying. Best Wishes, Karyn
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Sat, 07-26-2003 - 3:40pm
As I read your message about your transfer and everything you have been diagnosed with plus going through, it just is all too familiar for me. My husband and I tried for about 3 or 4 years to get pregnant before we finally conceived through ivf. It was in December of 1997 that we did. WE were sorta classified as unexplained infertility and I had surgery for some mild endometriosis. WE had about 18 follicles, 16 fertilized and they transferred 3 into my uterus. This was October of '97. Two weeks after the transfer, I had some symptoms of pregnancy but I do remember cramping really bad about 2 or 3 days after the transfer, but I saw no blood. Pregnacy was not achieved this time unfortunatley. I was heart broken. We took the month of November off because I was just a basket case. We thawed 3 embryos in december of '97 and on January 5 1998 I got the best news of my life! I will never forget that day!! I was just 26 years old when my little boy was born on Sept. 11th 1998. When that little boy was 9 months old I went to the Doctor because i had been sick for about two weeks and thought I had a bad case of the flu. After some blood tests, the doctor called with news that almost made me faint. Yes I was pregnant with a second child with no medical intervention. When Carter was 17 months old he was happy to greet little brother Cole on February 19. Hang in there! You'll be a mum soon!!
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Sat, 07-26-2003 - 11:15pm

I just had my 3rd transfer a month ago and now I am pregnant. We had 12 embros, used 3 the first time 5 the second time, lost 2 in the defrost, and used the last 2 this third try, and now I am 6 weeks pregant. I go for my ultrasound next week and still cannot believe I am pregant. The blood you are seeing could be from the implantation bleeding, so don't get discouraged. I got really depressed after our first transfer since it seems that everything went so smoothly, I was just grateful that we had frozen embros to try again.

Keep a possitive attutide and I will pray for you