Any Experience with IVF in California?

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Any Experience with IVF in California?
Sat, 07-12-2003 - 12:18pm
Hi! I didn't get much response for websites with reviews of IVF clinics, so I'll try a different approach...anyone out there have any experiences (good or bad) in California(from SF to SD)? What I find so frustrating is that many places don't give financials until your first visit...meaning traveling around the state is the only way to get an idea of what individual clinics charge. There are a couple of clinics I've found with financials listed on their website...for a 3 cycle refund option the differences can be up to $6,000 depending on location.

Of course, making sure the clinic is a good one is very important to me as well, but in my experience, sometimes the lesser-priced places have just as much success...just might be in a less expensive area!

I hope to get some good information here!

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Mon, 07-14-2003 - 11:44am
Hello Clawmarks!

I am in San Diego and am on my third cycle (2nd cycle resulted in full term pregnancy, DD is 18 months old) with the Fertility Specialists Medical Group (858-541-4144, and I know they have a website) affiliated with Sharp HealthCare. Dr. Arlene Morales has been my RE and she is very good...very knowledgable, very professional. We had some insurance for our first two rounds (not for meds, just a contracted rate for services negotiated between the clinic and our HMO), but since I am no longer working, find ourselves now having to pay the clinic ourselves (DH's insurance does not cover any costs associated with IVF). They offered us what they call the Global Cash Discount Package. The package is $4,572 (subject to change) but does not include Initial consult, sonohysterography, medications, lab fees, and anesthesia, andrology and hospital facility fees (basically, hospital costs related to oocyte retieval and ICSI/AH).

The estimated costs of those things right now, for us, are:

Anesthesia related to oocyte retrieval = $336.00

meds = $2000-5000 (it takes a lot of meds to stim me...I am a poor responder)

embryology lab= $2000

ICSI = $ 1,200

AH= $450

All these costs are per cycle.

I don't know if this is helpful, but it is nice to get a general idea of what different clinics are charging.

I have been told that another local clinic has some research opportunities, but I don't know much about that. The docs are Kettle and Hummel and the clinic is in Carmel Valley/Del Mar. I am pretty sure they have a website. Many of my neighbors have gone there and have had great success.

Good luck to you! I would be happy to talk more.

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Mon, 07-14-2003 - 8:38pm
Hi Ali!

So, I come up with $8,550ish at the low end. Thanks! That is helpful! I have family in both SF and SD and I am in Santa Barbara (the closest clinic is in Thousand Oaks--55 minutes away). I have just started reconsidering IVF...I've been bouncing back and forth between the IVF and "childless living" boards. Basically, I've had a rough road medically, and have only recently started feeling that "need" again... I'll be 37 in January. I see that statistically, between 37-40 the success odds go WAY down.

I have a lot of thinking to do...knowing what we're getting into financially is a big help.

Thanks so much!!