IVF & Insurance $$

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IVF & Insurance $$
Sun, 07-27-2003 - 3:20pm
I am in the process of changing new jobs and as a result looking at new health insurance policy's. I have 5 different policy's to choose from but only one covers IVF. Some cover Artificial Insemination but not IVF. I have heard that alot of insurances are doing it that way.

My question is: The policy I am looking at states that they will cover any infertility treatment or drug but only up to $15,000 for a life time. That includes IVF. How much does IVF usually run? Per treatment?

I know it is costly to unfreeze the eggs. My sister in law would have to pay $3000. just to unfreeze the eggs.

I do not know yet if I am infertile but want to cover my bases just in case. I am 32 and have been trying a couple months with no success. I have not gone to any doctors about this yet, so I will wait until I get new insurance. Don't want the pre-existing condition!!

Sorry so long of a question!

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Mon, 07-28-2003 - 7:17am

In Massachusetts at my clinic each IVF cycle is around $8,000.00 not including meds
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Tue, 07-29-2003 - 7:41pm
THank you for your response. Just checking. I talked toa Nurse Practioner and she said that 15,000. a lifetime is low.


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Wed, 09-17-2003 - 12:02am
WE live in Florida but have bc/cs indepence insurance and it also covers Ivf @ 15,000 life time,but the drugs are under a seprate police so they do not go against the 15,000.You need to ask your insurance if it is 15,000 at what the doctor charges or is that 15,000 from what the insurance company will pay the dr.?Mine is 15,000 from what the insurance company will pay the doctor,which is about 3,000-4,00 each time even though my re charges 6,000+ meds.

Good Luck Deb
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Wed, 09-17-2003 - 11:07am
We live in Pennsylvania and have Aetna US Healthcare. With the plan we have, it covers IUI but nothing more, no IVF no GIFT Zift and certainly no drugs used in connection with infertility. Even if it's a drug that has multiple uses. We are paying $7,000 for the ivf including monitoring. Drugs are additional and the RE expects that will be about $1500-2000. They currently have no donated injectibles in storage. If the first IVF fails and we opt to do a second, the Doctor said that he won't charge us the same amount as with the first but he does not advertise this because he feels it could be an ethics issue.