So guess I am here now...

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So guess I am here now...
Wed, 02-24-2010 - 6:46pm

A little of my history is in my signature so I will try to keep this rather short :)

We had an appt with our RE today and she recommended we move forward with IVF right away. I had a lap recently and she found Stage 3 endo including a chocolate cyst (which she drained). Based upon the endo, and our total time TTC, the RE really feels IVF is our best answer at this point. I have a hard time accepting that since we did get p/g before (naturally) and I keep thinking it will happen again if I am patient. But I have pretty much lost all patience and, while I am still young, realize any passing times starts to hurt our odds. We are ready to start our family now!

So here I am getting ready to take an IVF journey! We are scheduled for the IVF seminar at the our clinic April 1st so depending on AF could start late April/early May. DH had to leave the appt today a little early so we will discuss shared risk plans, pre-testing, etc tonight. And since he is the money man he can look at how we best raid our savings... :(

I am also fairly active on the IF board and was on the TTC after MC board until I got tired of hearing about everyone getting a BFP again right away...I have a feeling this IVF journey will be the hardest part yet so looking for all the support and advice I can get!

Kathleen - TTC #1 since September 2006 (Me - 31, DH - 32). Always remembering our 3 angels.

January 2008 - Chemical P/G, April 2008 - M/C at about 7 weeks, June 2008 - Blighted Ovum

May 2009 - diagnosed Low Protein S and Hetero MTHFR - Baby aspirin, Lovenex injections once BFP. Feb 2010 - Lap to remove chocolate cyst, Stage III endo.

July 2009 - 100mg Clomid and IUI = BFN, August 2009 -  100mg Clomid  = BFN, Sept through ??? - going all natural including Vitex and Progesterone cream. Starting prep for (hopefully) May 2010 IVF.


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Thu, 02-25-2010 - 10:14am

With all my heart I wish