lining issues

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lining issues
Sun, 03-07-2010 - 4:43pm

Hello ~

I am going on my 3rd try with IVF since July 2009.  I haven't made it past the Lupron stage.  Now almost everything is in line except my uterine lining.  The DR wants to do a Hysterscopy and light scrapping/D&C.  At my last U/S the lining was still too thick and there was a questionable spot.  I also have a few cyst's on my right ovary so while he is in there he is going to drain them. 

Has anyone out there had this problem?  If so, what was the outcome?  Were you able to start your stem right away and was it successful? 

This is my 2nd IVF treatment...I did it 4 years ago and had NO problems and delivered my DS in Oct 2006.

Any feedback is welcomed....and if you have some questions I should ask I would love to hear them since I haven't had to go through this before.


Me = 32 and tubal problems {now NO tubes} and DH = 37 and perfectly fine...he has super sperm...LOL

2/2006 ~ 1st IVF cycle w/ BFP!!!

10/19/2006 ~ my DS of the best days of my life :D

7/2009 ~ started 2nd IVF cycle with Lupron.  CD 10 was rushed to the hospital with an ectopic pregnancy...emergency surgery preformed.  Talk about a shocker...being told you are pregnant when you haven't even gotten to the "REAL" fertility meds.

10/2009 ~ changed fertility clinics due to 'that' clinic not doing a pregnancy test on me...yes the ecoptic pregnancy could not of been prevented since it was a natural {my 1 partial tube left + DH super sperm}, however, there is an injection that could of "taken care of it" instead of major surgery.

11/2009 ~ started Lupron, however, several ovarian cysts were present and estragen levels were too high...cycle was cancelled :(

12/2009 ~ took a quick break for the holidays

1/7/2010 ~ Started Lupron day 1

1/15/2010 ~ US = 1 ovarian cyst and estragen alittle high...DR up'd my dosage of Lupron for 1 more week...please please please work this time!

1/16/2010 ~ cycle cancelled...estragen level too high

2/16/2010 ~ started Lupron

3/3/2010 ~ 3 ovarian cysts and thick uterine lining with a questionable spot...will be doing a DNC this week and will drain the cyst while they are in there...if all is well then I get to start my baby making meds!  YAY


Me = 32 and tubal problems {now NO tubes} and DH = 37 and perfectly fine...he has super sperm...L