My emotions have gone crazy

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My emotions have gone crazy
Thu, 03-11-2010 - 10:56pm

Need some help I do not remember being this moody and crying over everything. I did my ET on 3/9 and today has been the worst day. I feel like I have lost control over my emotions. One minute I'm happy the next I'm crying because the dog is licking her leg and the sound is annoying. I know this sounds funny and yes right now I can laugh but trust me I'm sure soon something will set me off. Has anyone ever had this before? is it normal? any help would be great thank you!



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Fri, 03-12-2010 - 8:27am


I had my ET 3/10 so we are on the same cycle. You have A LOT of hormones raging through your system right now so anything is bound to happen with our emotions. This is an emotional roller coaster anyway with the pressure to have everything work the way we want. I would not be too hard on yourself. If you can't seem to shake it and feel out of sorts then by all means call your doctor.

Have you been taking it easy the past few days? I stayed horizontal all day yesterday and want to do the same today but am starting to go a little stir crazy. I hope it will be worth it next Sat when I take that pregnancy test. :)

Good luck to you...we're all here if you need anyone to talk to.


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Fri, 03-12-2010 - 1:55pm

Hang in there Ashley! You can never tell where your emotions will go during this crazy roller coaster ride called IVF. I remember when I did my first fresh cycle I was a mess, and anything and everything drove me crazy. I had to apologize to a lot of people after because I had such a short fuse.

It's okay to feel this way and with all the hormones and pressure of the cycle, it would be amazing if you weren't all over the place! Hope you feel better soon, take care!




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Sun, 03-14-2010 - 10:41pm
I feel you too.. I have been crying non stop since I started the menopur. of course now I cry because I can not seem to give myself the shots... I have tried, knowing that once my husband leaves, it is all up to me to give myself the injections and each time the needle almost touches my skin.. I break down in tears.. **hugs** to you and I hope you can find some things to smile and laugh about...
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