Day 7 of Stims

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Day 7 of Stims
Wed, 05-26-2010 - 8:21pm

Hi all -

I am on day 7 of stims (lupron, follistim and menapur) and am a bit confused.  On Monday I went in for my u/s & labs and they measured 11 follis, all in the same range.  I went again this morning and it seems like they only measured 7 (I didn't talk to the nurse today, so I couldn't ask).  Is it normal to have a decrease in follis, or is it possible they just didn't measure them all if the first 7 seemed like they were growing appropriately?

Also, they told me my estrogen was low at 365 and upped my Follistim.  Any reason I should be concerned that my estrogren is still so low on day 7?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!



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Sat, 05-29-2010 - 10:09am

Hi Kristen!

Its pretty normal that you have to make adjustments to follistim or menopur dosages as you go through your cycle. I wouldn't worry about that at all. My theory is your body isn't used to being stimulated so once you begin it doesn't know how to react and becomes very dependent on the external dosages. But you could ask your dr specifically the same question, my Dr's office encourages that I ask questions and become my own advocate.

As far as the follicles, in the second U/S they probably didn't measure the smaller ones that weren't developing. It's not likely that they disappeared. Now that they increased the follistim it is possible they develop further and get to a reasonable size by the time of E/R.

I've been through both of the things you mentioned in your post, its normal and nothing to worry about. 7 developing follies is good and you sound like you have some decent eggs to work with.

Good luck!! Rossana

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