New & need ivf advice asap

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New & need ivf advice asap
Wed, 06-23-2010 - 1:32pm

Hi everyone. My name is Lisa and I'm new to this board. I've been on ttc your first child board for some time now and I've now moved on to a fertility clinic and I need some advice. Here's a quick briefing on my history and my question.

 I have been ttc for approx 2 years. We recently found out that dh has relatively low counts, good motility but 0-3% morphology (he battled testicular cancer about a year ago). We recently had our first appointment at a fertility clinic and the doctor is recommended trying a few IUI's before moving on to ivf...but I feel like the IUI's will be a waste of time with his low morph and I'm thinking I should just skip it and go straight to IVF. I have about a week until my next cycle starts so I need to make a decision asap and was hoping someone here could offer me some advice or you think there is a point to trying IUI with such low morph or do you think it is a waste of time?

Any insight or opinions would be so greatly appreciated. My friends don't understand b/c they have never been through anything like this so it's hard to get advice or opinions from them.


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Wed, 06-23-2010 - 1:40pm

Welcome, Lisa!


Me - 30; DH - 31 (low motility/morphology; surgery to improve unsuccesful)

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Wed, 06-23-2010 - 4:49pm


I'm sure there are lots of protocols out there but the one we used for IUI was for the sperm sample to be "washed" and then they chose the best ones although they do look for a minimum number.

Susan L.

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Thu, 06-24-2010 - 10:31am
I personally would do IVF. I would definitely get a second opinion. There is a physician moderated board run by RE's that can give you a quick opinion in about 24 hours.if your interested.
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Thu, 06-24-2010 - 12:08pm

Hi Lisa

For us, our RE recommended we go right to IVF, but I was nervous and basically scared so we opted to have 3 IUI's before moving on to IVF.


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Thu, 06-24-2010 - 2:20pm

It is great to hear the opinions of people who actually know what I'm going through and know how it feels.

We have had all the tests done... I have the all clear - so I am pretty confidant that ivf would work...not so conf about IUI...I think I'm going to go the ivf route if my dh agrees...I told him last night to think about it and we'll discuss tonight.

Thank you all for your opinions. It's amazing how women who you've never even met can help you with some of the most important decisions in your life! I feel so blessed to have your support. And wish nothing but BFP's for all of you!

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Thu, 06-24-2010 - 8:55pm

Hi! You and DH may have already had this conversation, but I have done a couple of IUI's and it's still a lot of money.

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Fri, 06-25-2010 - 12:25am

Hi Loriann,

Thanks for your input. Makes so much sense! and as for your transfer...GOOD LUCK! I will pray for you that this is the one for you and you finally get your baby you've been waiting for so long. I can't wait to hear some good new from you:)

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Mon, 06-28-2010 - 2:51pm
So we have decided to go ahead with IVF. We couldn't have made this decision without your input so thanks again. My period is due on Friday so I'm supposed to call the doc on day 1 and go from there...super excited:)