New and stressing! Help please :)

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New and stressing! Help please :)
Thu, 07-22-2010 - 1:46pm

Hi everyone :) I am in middle of an IVF cycle right now - on day 7 of injectables (bravelle and menopur) - we had our first ultrasound yesterday a.m. and he counted 8 follicles with a few other smaller ones that may or may not do anything. That number was disappointing to me but I guess at 38 that is what I can expect..... My doctor seemed happy with that number so I guess I should be too.

My question is - I am injecting 4 bottles of bravelle and one of menopur every night with 1 mil. of saline the time I am finished with mixing all 5 bottles in with the saline, there is almost always significantly less then 1 mil in the needle (like maybe 3/4 full)....What am I doing wrong or is this normal? I asked the nurse yesterday and she didn't seem too concerned - just said maybe add some more saline before I start mixing but I am panic stricken that I am losing 1/2 the medication that I am supposed to inject and obviously then not getting the full benefits of them. If anyone has any thoughts on this PLEASE jump in and tell me - I had a complete meltdown last night due to the stress of it all and every night I think, I will get it right, but nope, last night it seemed worse. I have done a superovulation cycle before without this problem but only had 2 bottles to mix in there so it didn't seem to create this problem.

Thanks in advance for any help or insight anyone might have :)

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Thu, 07-22-2010 - 4:08pm

Hi Jasmine,

I don't think you need to worry.


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Thu, 07-22-2010 - 7:24pm

Hi Amy :) Thanks for your words of wisdom and calm!!! I was so happy to read your reply and I do agree - I don't see that I am leaking any liquid (except last night a few drops came out of the needle when I was trying to get the air out - another stress!) - usually I can just see a barely there drop and I guess it just adds up when I get to 5 bottles......I was worried that my results would have been better if I was getting more meds in there but I have to assume that the doctor would have upped my meds yesterday if they thought it should look better right?

Oh and I had to lol when I heard about your shooting out the meds from your preloaded needle - I did the EXACT SAME THING last night when I was taking my 10pm shot (can't remember what the med is called but to keep me from O'ing on my own) and freaked out!!!! I had one other ready to go needle so I was more careful with that one and once I got the air out and checked the level against the one I thought I messed up, they were pretty much even from what I could tell so that helped me to chill the heck out! I just thought it was sooooo careless of me to do that - just tired and fed up at that point :) I wasn't going to use that needle but since I don't have another dose of it until I stock up again tomorrow, I am going to use it and am fairly confident since you said you did it to, that it will be fine.

I can only assume there is some margin of error for those of us not used to shooting up with needles and allows for a learning curve.

GOOD LUCK in your 2ww!!! What a tortured time it is - I hope this one works out for you and see that beautiful BFP really soon.

Big hugs and thanks, Jasmine