Why does sex hurt?

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Why does sex hurt?
Tue, 02-16-2010 - 10:46pm

Can someone enlighten me about sexual pain?  My boyfriend inserts his penis and when he's all the way in it feels like I'm being ripped in two.  We use lots of lubricant and have tried different positions.  After sex, for a few days, I urinate and when the flow is done it feels as if my bladder is still full.  I don't know that one has anything to do with the other but it feels directly related.  Is it possible he could be hitting something or has a larger than average penis (it doesn't seem that he does - seems normal)?  I went to the doctor because I was in so much pain and she did a urinalysis and pelvic exam and came up with nothing.  She recommended I use a vaginal dilator so guess I'll try that, though I'd be grateful for any help. 


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Wed, 02-17-2010 - 2:12am
Hi Sara, and welcome to the board.

I'm glad that you've already seen your doctor about this problem, and that she has done tests and examined you. Is she your primary care doctor, or a gynecologist?

What are your periods like? Are they quite painful? Do you have any other gynecological symptoms?

It sounds as though your pain comes when your boyfriend is all the way in, but not until then, is that right? I'm not an expert or in the medical field, but have suffered from endometriosis, and there can be pain from intercourse with that disease. Here is more information on it:


The following link will take you to a page that deals with sexual pain, and it outlines some of the possible causes of it:


Good luck, I'm sorry I can't be of greater help, but please let me know if you have any other questions I can try and answer.