too much sex= painful sex?

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too much sex= painful sex?
Fri, 03-26-2010 - 2:36pm

Lately if we have sex twice in a day the first time will probably feel great but the second time will hurt. Or if we have some really vigorous sex one day it might hurt the next day. It feels like there is a spot that hurts when it is rubbed against, at first i thought maybe i got an infection but I've had a few of those and this is nothing like it, there is no burning after sex or anything else. Are we just having to much sex? or did we maybe do something that hurt me one time and it'll take a few weeks to go away?

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Mon, 03-29-2010 - 5:58am
Hi luven_him, and welcome to the board.

Do you use any kind of lubrication, or have you tried using some, so that you're well prepared for vigorous sex? Do you spend enough time on fore-play, so that you're well aroused? Also, have you changed either medications or birth control lately? Sometimes a change in medication or birth control can lead to problems with lubrication.

If it happened suddenly and it feels like there is one particular spot, perhaps he hurt you without either of you realising it at the time, and then repeat sessions of vigorous sex would aggravate the spot. You could, in fact, have a yeast infection and not necessarily be aware of it, and that would cause pain and discomfort too.

I strongly suggest that you see your doctor, explain the circumstances and be checked up.


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Wed, 03-31-2010 - 1:51am


I have to agree with Nenu. It is probably a lubracation issue. You could try something like ky or I prefer astroglide. You can also make sure your hydrated. See a dr is a good idea especally if it is a on going issue.
My dh and I used to have sex 2-4 times a day when first married. Now it's more like every two days. The only time I had pain similar to yours is from lack of lubracation or hair down there getting in the way kwim?


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