How Has Our Board Helped You?

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How Has Our Board Helped You?
Wed, 07-13-2005 - 10:48am

Some of you have mentioned in your posts that you have found our board helpful in your time of loss.  IVillage would like to make our board available to more people and to guide them to our resources -- our caring, supportive community and experiences that can help people express their grief, as well as lists of books on various bereavement situations.

What iVillage would like people to do is to write a post sharing how this board has helped.  Our board itself cannot be accessed through Google or other search engines, but certain themes such as grief, bereavement, mourning, support, and healing are frequently entered in the Search box. 

IVillage is going to create a testimonial page where searchers can see what this board offers.  They need your testimonials on the testimonial page.  You can find more information explaining this and a sample of a testimonial page at this link:

I have posted my own testimonial already.  I hope you, too, will consider posting yours.  It does not need to be lengthy, but merely a short post about the ways this board has helped and is continuing to help you.  If you can include some of the search words mentioned above, that would be helpful.

On behalf of iVillage, I want to thank you for helping us on this special project.  So many people do not understand what is happening to them during their time of mourning!  They are unable to move on without help.  Your personal experiences can help them.

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