Ovarian Cyst (rupture vs cancer)

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Ovarian Cyst (rupture vs cancer)
Mon, 09-18-2006 - 11:13am

This is copied and pasted from the above folder. I posted it in the wrong one! Thanks.

I have been reading anything I can get my hands on about ovarian cysts and cancer. My GYN didn't seem too concerned about my symptoms (pain in my lower right abdomen that caused me to double over), extended menses.

I had a CT scan in the emergency room because the pain was so bad. The report said that there were some cysts on my ovary (which the ER doc said is normal when you are on your menses, which I was at the time). My family doc said that the CT showed some thickening of the colon wall and I should follow up with a GI doc, which I did today. HE said since I don't have any other GI related symptoms, it's most likely gynecological, even though my gyn didn't seem concerned about my symptoms and trip to the ER.

Oh, and ever since the initial episode of pain, everytime I get my AF I have the same pain, in the same area.

SO my questions are: What symptoms are related to ovarian cancer? How do they differ from the symptoms associated with ovarian cysts? Is back pain involved in either?

I have scheduled an ultrasound, but since scheduling it I am really nervous! We don't have any gyn cancers in my family and I am getting really scared about it!