Scared - dermoid cyst getting larger

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Scared - dermoid cyst getting larger
Thu, 03-27-2003 - 8:22pm
I posted some time ago. During a routine pelvic my ob-gyn found a fullness on my right pelvic side. I had an ultra-sound which resulted in a 6cm dermoid cyst. She refered me to another doctor that would be the one to remove it. He did another pelvic exam (still there) and I went in for a second ultra-sound. It resulted a 7.4 cm with 3 x 1 cm cyst (whatever that means) but it has increased in size.

I'm scared. I have surgery planned for June 3. I want to finish out this semester (I'm a full time student) and also participate in my graduation ceremony (I'm getting my AA and I'd like my dad to see me graduate - just thought it would be nice for him). Anyway; then I'd have 2.5 months to recover and kick back (and hopefully get a vacation) before the next semester starts (I'm working toward my BA).

How fast can these things grow? My health is far more important to me than a semester - I'd blow this off before risking my health. As far as the cyst goes - I feel fine; didn't even know it was there until the doctor found it!

Sorry to go on and on - I'm just so worried! I'm planning on calling the doctor that's removing it tomorrow. The Notification of Test Results came from my regular ob-gyn since she ordered the second ultra-sound (before I consulted doctor #2) that's where the diagnostic center sent them. I'm sure she gave him the results - but I'll just in case.