Women don't even know what's"down there"

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Women don't even know what's"down there"
Sun, 03-30-2003 - 1:37pm
I'm so confused! Every health book or diagram of the women's sex organs looks different from mine, yet my doctor says i'm normal. First of all, isn't the cervix supposed to be at the very back of the vagina? Well mine is at the very front, and it feels like I can feel half of my uterus in there. At first I thought I must be prolapsed, but the doctor says no. Sex is not painful, but I still think of myself as being deformed "down there" and I worry about it all the time. Is anyong else like this?



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I'm not sure exactly what you mean by your cervix being in the front of your vagina. Do you mean the top? If so, then that's normal. If it feels like something is actually protruding into the vagina, then that does sound indicative of a prolapse, but could also be something else. Do you feel a pressure, or heaviness type sensation?

It seems like your doc would certainly know if you have a prolapse or not. Is this doc a gyn? If not, then you really should see one. If s/he doesn't seem to be helping you, maybe you should consider a second opinion.

Good luck!



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It might be beneficial to you to take a good look for yourself. :) Sometimes the diagrams are hard to make sense of until you see the real thing.

It's pretty easy to do with a mirror, speculum, and a few comfy pillows. I found a site that explains it all:



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don't feel alone. for over 12 years, i have had a proturbance that i have no idea what it is. my gynocologist never mentioned it so i never gave it a second thought... until i just recently learned about rectoceles. now i am worried that is what it is. (however 5 years ago i had a colonoscopy done and nothing was ever mentioned.) i guess if it isn't hurting, not cancerous or infected, the doctors tend to ignore it. perhaps they see whatever it is they see in you or in me quite often and is no big deal. it is somewhat sad that doctors dont try to give you a real explanation of things, especially when you ask. they tend to say it is nothing. (i have been thru this "it is nothing" with my regular doctor many times on other subjects. however, when it was something, and that something needed treatment, i was always told at least something.) anyway, i can only say trust me, if there was something seriously wrong, your doctor would tell you. so try not to worry and know that certainly you are not alone, not a freak or your doctor would surely let you know. take care, good luck.