period issues

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period issues
Mon, 03-31-2003 - 8:38pm

well my periods are still acting weird. i didnt have a period at all the month of february. then did get period at beginning of march. lasted 2 days then stopped then a couple of days later it came back for another 2 days. blood all looks old. last week had some brown discharge, no smell. again looked like old stuff. no real pms signs, no cramps etc. i am 32 yrs old no children. also something i have noticed is that last period i was raw down there, almost like my blood is acidic and is burning me, this has happened after the last couple of periods. makes no sense. i am not pregnant, on no meds except for aspirin for back injury. no more stress than normal, i do work full time and attend night classes, but i have had this routine for years. i am confused. any one else ever experienced something like this? i do have a gyn appointment but the earleist that they could get me in was in may. could this be perio menopause?

thanks everyone