Prophlyatic Glanular Mastecomy

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Prophlyatic Glanular Mastecomy
Tue, 04-01-2003 - 8:17am
Hi I am new here and actually am posting this for my mom.

My moms story: She has cysts in her breasts. In years past she has had 2 surgerys to remove these cysts. Just recently she had her mamogram done and the doctor discovered that now these cysts are covering 95% of both breasts. Her doctor suggested that she have this surgery to remove her breast tissue and replace it with saline implants. She of course is very scared and wants some info. on this surgury. Like I said at this point her doctor doesn't believe it's cancer, and the cysts in the past have not been cancer.

Her questions are:

1.What does the surgury involve?

2.What is the recovery time expected?

3.Are there any side effects to this surgury, both major and minor?

4.Just by chance, do you know if left untreated a benign cyst could turn into cancer? Or does it start from cancer right away?

5.Is there alot of scaring? pain?

6.She is undecided if this is a good idea to do (I personally believe it is, to stop the cyst growth) for thoes that have had it done, was it a good decision?

Any information would be great, thanks in advance for your help. You can either reply here or email me at