abdominal/pelvic pain after sex

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abdominal/pelvic pain after sex
Sat, 09-16-2006 - 9:06am

Hi, I am new here, but looking for some advice or possible clues as to what is happening.

Last night while my bf and I were having sex, when he would thrust and deeply penetrate, I would get a dull stabbing pain in my right lower quadrant area. I have had this before, but only new for the past month or so. We are very sexually active....several times a week...I am definitely not pregnant. I have no STDs, and have never been diagnosed with any OBGYN problems with my ovaries or such...

Immediately after sex, once I stood up, I got this sharp pain throughout my lower pelvic region, but more so on the right side where the deep dull ache was with the deep penetration. If I pushed gently in this area on the right side, it caused severe sharp pain. My entire pelvic region hurt very bad almost like severe, severe menstrual cramps. I had pain throughout the perineum up to my rectum and even had some sharp twinges of rectal pain. I had no pain on the left side of my abdomen, only on the right and through the perineum. Also, my cervix hurt really bad. After I laid in bed for about a hour I decided to take a hot shower/sitz bath, thinking that this may relax the muscles....This did help and I took 2 Motrin as soon as I got out of the shower also. I was able to get some sleep as the shower really helped. Today, I stil have a dull ache in the right side of my lower abdomen. My bf wanted to take me to the hospital last night because I was in such pain, but I decided to wait until after the shower to see if this would have helped, which it seemed to....Also, not to sound sick, but when I was in the shower this morning, I digitally pushed up on my cervix, and pushed side to side and this reproduced the severe twinge of pain on the right side of my abdomen, and my entire cervix felt very sore, also like my uterus hurt. I also felt a nodule or lump, off to the side of my cervix, not on my cervix but more on the upper most portion of my vaginal wall. This was not tender when touched.

I thought that this all maybe this is related to an ovarian problem, especially with the rectal pain, as a friend of mine had an ovarian cyst rupture and she had severe rectal pressure and pain, and abdominal pain....I am not sure.

I also thought that this ache could have been more GI related, but after last night and the severe pain throughout my entire pelvic region, I doubt this....

I have read several forums all suggesting possible cervical/uterine pain due to deep penetration, etc, to ovarian problems and endometriosis. I don't have medical insurance and would like to avoid going to the doctor if at all possible. As far as GYN all of my past tests and exams and monthly periods have always been normal. I do have a daughter, vaginal birth almost 9 years ago and had an episiotomy at that time.

I am very confused to the main reason for my severe pain and why I have had the dull ache for the last month or so when having sex with deep penetration. I am usually on top every time we have sex and there is plenty of lube, which I insit on. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated....Very confused and almost afraid to have sex again with as bad as the pain was last night....
Thanks M

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Sun, 09-17-2006 - 6:30am

Hi gal_spaghettie2006, welcome to the board.

If you have any problems with irregular cycles, I would suggest that it could be an ovarian cyst.

Our cervixes move up and down during different stages of our cycle (lowest just before and after period, highest during ovulation), and it is quite possible that you bruised it during intercourse.



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Sun, 09-17-2006 - 7:43am

Well, by the end of the day yesterday, I felt much better. No side pain or pelvic pain. My bf and I did end up having sex last night, I was very hesitant to, but we agreed that if anything hurt we would stop....Nothing hurt, but we did go slow and did not penetrate as deep....no pain whatsoever. This morning I am also fine...

What you said about my cervix being lower and probably bruised is most likely the best answer. I am close to having my period and I know that my cervix is lower right now than it normally is....I honestly think that this was a freak thing as I felt fine last night and yet this morning.

As far as an ovarian problem, my cycles are regular in that I have one each month. They vary in flow; one month maybe really light and short, and the next month it maybe really heavy and long. They are usually within 5 days of each other every month too....

Thanks so much for the advice. I am glad that I did not have this problem last night, but the next time that I go to the doc I will definitely mention this. Thanks M.

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Mon, 09-18-2006 - 6:52am


I'm glad to hear things have come right.



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Fri, 06-06-2014 - 10:54pm

Same thing just happened to me. Severe pelvic pain right side area after having a wild session of sex with my bf.

I literally thought I was going to faint because of the severe pain. It got me really freaked out and nervous. I do have ovarian cysts. Also I have experienced this pain before but not this severe. Really scary. All I did was sit in the bathroom for a while. I took Anaprox pill and took a warm shower. After like an hour it got better but still hurts. It's like severe menstrual cramps all over rightside and my back.