sex after marsupialization

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sex after marsupialization
Sat, 06-16-2007 - 6:14pm
i had a marsupialization 10 days ago for my bartholin cyst that kept reoccuring (ive had 4 in 15 months).... the gyno keeps pushing back my post op appointment so i wont be in till june 26. ive no pain and no problems since the marsupialization was done.... has anyone had this procedure done before when do u think its be a good time to start having sex again its driving me crazy that i cant be with my boyfriend lol and im to embarrased to call my gyno just to ask that question lol
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Mon, 06-18-2007 - 2:39pm

Hi mx85girl!

I am not finding anything specific about recovery time after marsupialization.

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