After Tubal trouble.

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After Tubal trouble.
Tue, 04-13-2010 - 11:59pm

I would like some real trained professional answers.  Not medical advice, or a dx, but I don't want opinions, or suggestions that it's something that is unsubstantiated in the medical community.

I'm 37 yo. 16 mos ago, I had spontaneous fraternal twins by section.  6th pregnancy, 3rd full term, 1st section. 

I had a tubal ligation at time of section.  Breast fed for 3 months.  Did not have 1st period until almost 1 year to the date of my last period before pregnant.  First 6 mos of period were dreadful.  HUGE clots, some that entirely filled the bottom of the toilet bowl.  Constant, massive flow.  But, for the first time ever in my life, NO CRAMPS.  Should probably add that I have always, my whole life had relatively longer(8 days), heavier and painful periods than what medicine describes as normal or average.  But nothing so crazy as this.Then, it went to light periods.  Lighter than I have ever had.  Not scant, but very light.  For some time it would also stop for a day or two in the middle and then start back up again.  Now, last two periods are beginning to return to the heavier side.  Not as heavy as my first 6 mos. post twins, but heavier than my pre-twin periods were.  Many big clots again, but none, so far, as big as during the first 6 months post twins.  One 1/4 day of pretty minor, but annoying cramps. 

Maybe should add that prenatal pap showed squamous cells of unknown cause(I think I have the terminology right), HPV Negative. 

I don't know what Postnatal Pap showed, but Dr. didn't mention anything to me, so I assume no abnormal cells.  Again, HPV neg.   

So, basically, I'm confused.  What's going on with my body?  Is this caused by the tubal? By the twins? My age? Should I see gyno about this?  I'm not suffering in any way.  It's not disrupting my life at this point to where I am dysfunctional.   Should I be concerned?  Main question though is what is or could be causing this?


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Thu, 04-15-2010 - 8:18am

If you're looking for professional advice you need to see a doctor.

Post tubal ligation syndrome has been recognized by the medical community since the 1980's.