Burning Irritated Skin Around Clitori...

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Burning Irritated Skin Around Clitori...
Sun, 06-13-2010 - 3:48pm

Hello All,

I've had a UTI which I've been on antibiotics for the last 10 days. I take probiotics and yogurt to prevent a yeast infection. Because I've had to urinate so often, the skin around my clitoris and above my anus (near the pilonidal sinus) is burning and irritated from what I'm assuming is too much wiping with rough toilet tissue. I've tried to be gentle as I can. Is there anything that I can put on this area to aid in healing? It's embarrassing to explain this to my doctor. I'm not sure if it's a gyn problem or if I should go to my primary care doctor who is treating the bladder infection.

I wonder if this is like diaper rash in adults. I don't have any children so I don't have any expertise in diaper rash. I just wondered if zinc oxide might help protect the skin from wiping.

Please help.



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Mon, 06-14-2010 - 10:11am
I think that the zinc oxide, or maybe Vaseline, might help.