Intense burning for over a month

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Intense burning for over a month
Sat, 06-26-2010 - 7:41pm

Middle of May, one day i woke up and had some vaginal burning, thought it was maybe because some soap wasn't rinsed away or something. Three days later, it was still there, along with abnormal discharge so i started researching. I came to the conclusion that maybe I had BV, so i started taking Fem-Dophilus 2x a day. Three days into that, still no relief so I went to a health food store looking for something. I bought Twinlab's "Yeast Fighters" (5 pills, 3x a day).

A week of that with STILL no relief, I found my way to a family planning center on June 3rd. Ghonnorhea, Clamydia and Herpes tests were done. She said I had some yeast and gave me a Rx for Diflucan. She also said I might be allergic to latex, so i did a test on the back of my hand, nothing happened. Took the Diflucan ASAP, four days relief. Called them, they said to take the refill. No relief. I also had a horrible odor. I still figured I had BV and not a yeast infection, so i started some natural "remedies" for BV. I started taking 500mg of garlic and 800mg of folic acid 3x a day. A week and a half relief...if anything it's worse. I also noticed two pimple-like bumps (one near my urethra and one on my vulva).

I decided to buy some vagisil and bought "feminine wash" and stopped using pantyliners. Two days of vagisil, still no relief. I called back the FPC and they squeezed me in for an exam today. All the STD tests they did the first time came back negative, except for herpes, they didn't get a result back yet. The doctor did a wetmount and said i had plenty of good bacteria, no yeast. I'm just worried it's herpes. I had "sex" once, and he wasn't even able to penetrate and he also had a condom on (end of April?). The outside of my vagina is VERY red, irritated and burning. I have no pain while urinating. Just constantly feels like im on fire. They gave me Terconazole to use for 3 days at night, which is an antifungal. Does anybody have any ideas as to what it can be. I have no health insurance, i went to the doctor as a last resort, hoping that would be it and i would feel better. I don't really have faith the cream will work since it's an antifungal, and so was the Diflucan. I just want to feel better! The doctor told me to stop using any soaps whatsoever down there and to switch to a dye/perfume free detergent.

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Mon, 06-28-2010 - 11:44am
Unfortunatly I have no idea what it could be. I don't really see it being herpes though; aren't you suppose to itch like crazy and break out in awful bumps all over the place? I really hope your doctor figures it out ASAP. However, if your sexual partner has herpes and had even one little outbreak that wasn't noticeable you could have gotten it. Hopefully, its not that though. Wish you luck and sending lots of hugs your way.
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Mon, 06-28-2010 - 11:51am

I'm glad more tests were run and hopefully you'll get the results of that Herpes test soon.