Reg cycle for 17 years, now ovary pain?

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Reg cycle for 17 years, now ovary pain?
Fri, 07-23-2010 - 5:55am

Hi everyone,
I need a bit of menstrual/gynecological advice and admittingly, I'm a bit lacking in knowledge about this stuff!

I'm 28 and I first got my period at the age of 12. Since then, until recently, I had a very predictable, regular periods that came and went like clockwork. I had very slight cramping the day before my period, some pretty intense menstrual pain the first day over my period (which I dealt with with Alleve—seemed to make the day tolerable and ok), and for the remainder of my period, almost no pain if any at all.

In the past year, I've noticed some changes. My period pain slowly became more intense on that first day of my period to the point where I'd spent the entire day in bed. I remember the first time this happened and it REALLY hit me, I lyed on the floor in a fetal position weeping in the most agonizing pain I can ever remember having in my life with a space heater aimed at my back. Nothing would relieve the pain. Thankfully I've never had pain like that since.

However, I did start to have pain over my ovaries. It's just a slight tingle, not really uncomfortable or painful at all, but somewhat similar to that of menstrual cramps. I started to feel this just a little bit a few days before my period for a few months, and since then went to my gyno (in January '10) for my annual check up. She gave me a clean bill of health after my pap and exam.

Since then, the pain over my ovaries has become a little bit more intense, though still just barely there and not painful. Now the frequency much more often (several times a week), and is in between periods, not necessarily anytime near my cycle.

The only thing I've been doing differently since January is (ahem!)...having a bit of semi-rough stimulation via finger insertion with my partner a few times a week, and I do still feel the ovary pain when we haven't been active together). I know the vagina is no where near the ovaries, and it's not like he can touch them (lol), but this is the only thing I've been doing differently. Other than that, I can't say much for what has been happening otherwise, certainly not hormonally, because that's something I just can't be sure about without testing. I eat well, take care of myself...I just cant say I understand what biological changes are occurring!

My question is:
I wonder if this is something to worry about (fibroids/polyps/something else?), if a little/some pain is normal over the ovaries, and or if I should be concerned enough to go see my gyno before my next annual exam. What do you guys think?

A little background on me: There's no birth control side effect-like issues here or anything of that nature: I'm sorta a bit of a hippy and have never liked the idea of putting chemicals into my body, unless I absolutely need to, and don't like the idea of relying much on birth control to reduce the amount of periods I have to eliminate this pain. I want to know whatever it is my body is trying to tell me! Thus far, I've been going au natural! Maybe that will change...we'll see!)

Thank you!

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Mon, 07-26-2010 - 12:04pm

I think, if it were me, I'd go ahead and make a date with the doctor just to make sure that the pain isn't the result of something serious or to determine if there might be something that you can do to relieve the pain.