New here, but not to Graves....

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New here, but not to Graves....
Mon, 03-22-2010 - 8:05pm

I was diagnosed with GD in 2000 after the birth of my son.   I had all the symptoms and lost over 30 pounds in a very short time.  I was so weak I could hardly pick up my son.  Anyway, I was put on PTU for a year.  I was fine for awile and then I came out of remission again.  I then was put on tapazole for 18 months.  Again I was fine for awile.  All in all I tried ATD 4 different times.  This last time I couldn't tollerate them anymore.  They were making me sick.  I did not want RAI.  SO I opted for surgery.

In Nov 2009 I had a total thyroidectomy.  I have felt like crap ever since.  They are still trying to tweak my meds.  My TSH shot up to 79.  IT was less than 0.01 a few months ago.   My FT4 is 0.26.  It was 20 a few months ago.   So a few months ago I was very hyper and no I am very very hypo.   I can hardly make it through a day.  My bady hurts.  I keep getting severe muscle spasms.  My hair and skin are so extremely dry.  My hair is falling out.  My fingernails are peeling so bad that it is painful.  Gained a lot of weight since January.  ARG!   

Just wondering, is there anyone else that has had surgery or RAI and went hypo?  How much longer before I start to feel normal again?   Totally regretting my surgery decision.


Editted to add.... The path report from thyroid came back hashimotos.  The endo said that I have hashimotos and Graves.  Lucky me.  Confusing though since I thought hashimotos was hypo and Graves hyper.  

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Tue, 03-23-2010 - 12:41pm

Hi packersrnumber1,

Welcome to our board.

Your experience with how you're feeling after surgery is different from mine.



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I've been dealing with Graves since 2004. I opted to do the RAI treatment almost a year ago. My thyroid has completely died and my goiters are gone and now I'm hypo.

My doc put me on synthroid 50 mg. I have been on meds for two months now. I have gained tons of weight, which is to be expected when you are hypo. But now I'm starting to lose weight. I go back in May to get my bloodwork done.

I am feeling so much better than before. I have alot more energy. Which helps with exercising. There are ups and downs and all arounds when it comes to regulating your body. But don't give up! They will find what works for you.

Take care and good luck!