WOO HOO! We reserved a beach house...

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WOO HOO! We reserved a beach house...
Fri, 03-28-2003 - 7:16am
For a week at the end of August in Gulf Shores, Alabama! I'm so excited! I love the beach but have spent most of my life land-locked...anyone have any advice for taking a TOK to the beach? We did it a few years ago when we had *only* six (was pg w/ #7 and wore a bikini! Ah, to be in shape again...), but we had a TOF (ton of family) to help out then. This time it will "just" be us.

Can't wait!


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Fri, 03-28-2003 - 7:45am
We do the beach each summer. Lots of sunscreen, lots of water. Lots of beach toys and sandals, blankets and towels and don't forget the biggest beach umbrella you can find.lol. Throw them all in a big rubber maid like container. Much easier to dump sand out of them then beach bags. Maybe a Pack and Play for down by the beach for the youngest to nap in if you don't want to be stuck up in the house. Seriously I'm sure if you did it with 6, then 9 won't be that much harder since some will be older. We really have a blast when we go. I'm a little nervous about this year since Anna will only be about 8 months. I'm sure she'll get bored and cranky pretty fast.

Our kids have a blast with those body board type things. They play on them all day.

Oh and don't forget lots of easy snacks to take down on the beach. Carrots, apples cut up granola bars and chips are always a big hit here. And more water.lol.

Have a blast.


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Sun, 03-30-2003 - 11:46am
Congratulations Jenni! Sounds exciting!

We've rented a beach house a few times and it was AWESOME! I was thinking this weekend that I'd like to do that again. Right now we camp and we have to pack up and drive to the beach in the park. It's a pain when you have kids that would LIVE on the beach if they could. And of course they are always bugging to get down there until we do.

To me those type of vacations are the kind where you just vegitate all day. Do as little as possible and enjoy the great outdoors. I use paper plates and plastic cups, buy food that we normally wouldn't buy (like convenience, prepackaged, and junk food). Even budget to order pizza or take out a few nights if you can. To me it's not a time to be frugal. :o)

The kids will probably live in shorts or swimsuits...so laundry should be down to a minimum. If you have laundry facilities onsite, it might be nice as you don't have to pack as much if you have to go offsite. A few times I've stopped at a laundrymat on the way home and done all our vacation laundry in one huge mass washing. It's so nice to not have that waiting for me when I got home and had to unpack!

Bring tons of sunscreen, aloe, hats, sunglasses, and lightweight long sleeve shirts (incase anyone gets too red and needs extra protection), digging in the sand and building sandcastle things, a wagon is nice to use to take walks or if the beach isn't right out your backdoor. I had a half playpen (like a pack and play) and used a fitted twin sheet over the top as a sunshield for my infant. The older kids (toddlers) took naps in there too. We found the umbrellas were nice but at the same time were a pain in the wind.

Have fun!!!