Mild contractions h/o preterm delivery

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Mild contractions h/o preterm delivery
Tue, 04-19-2005 - 12:19am

I am in the 24th week and having mild contractions.. possibly Braxton Hicks about 4-5 times a day for the last 2 days. I am worried as this is my second pregnancy and my earlier pregnancy was terminated in the 26th week due to bleeding and fluid leakage.The fluid leakage had started around 20th week and continued till 26th week, when finally we had to terminate the pregnancy as the bleeding had started then. The doctor said the fluid leakage might be a hind leakage as the cervix was completely closed.

This time around, things have been going on smoothly until now. My cervical length is 3.5 cms and I am afraid these contractions might lead to thinning of the cervix and pre-term labour.. Should I be calling my doctor regarding this or are these symptomns normal