Make Monday Marvelous

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Make Monday Marvelous
Mon, 07-12-2010 - 9:22am

Mondays are not my favorite day of the week but I am going to do my best to make it MARVELOUS!

What do you do to make a not-so-favorite day the best day ever?!

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Mon, 07-12-2010 - 10:54am

try to roll out of bed at a decent

I was planning on getting up early today cuz I have only 3 kids and they do not go far...the rest are away. I was going to tackle one of the kids' room so I can actually get into the room without bracing myself against the wall for fear of hurting my ankle! Thats what you get when have 3 boys in one But I did not wake up until 11 am ...WOW don't think I ever slept in that late without some of my kids getting into my bed with me...

But once I get going on my housework...I am like a mad and I go for about 4-6 hrs...

Others things I might do is actually make myself a good healthy breakfast such as poached egg on toast and a small bowl of porridge...this is probably my most fave breakfast. Sometimes someone getting an iced cappacino from my local Tim Hortons before they go to work is a REAL treat...

what does everyone else do??


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Mon, 07-12-2010 - 5:06pm

Great question!! I could use all the ideas I can get ;-)

My Monday is actually Sunday night....I work Sun - Thurs nights 9p - 6a. I had good intentions of heading straight to the gym after work but all I could think about while I was at work was my BED!! So, now I'm up and would love to take the pup out for a walk...but it's so darn hot out....I'll take him on a short one at least - after all - he did get a really short hair cut to combat the heat outside.

Anyway....I guess getting a bit of exercise...even a short walk, is a great way to get my week started!

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Mon, 07-12-2010 - 6:31pm

My day started off on the wrong foot when I got up to the alarm at 5:30 am, and still had a wicked bad headache.