Thank you for the Welcome Everyone

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Thank you for the Welcome Everyone
Sat, 08-14-2010 - 2:36pm

Thank you it sounds like most of you have a handle on it.

I need to tell you a little more about myself. I am a Diabetic, I also am Bipolar, have depression and anxiety and Brain Injuries. I am a mess.

I fall a lot and lose my balance a lot. I just finished a PT sessions my doctor ordered we will see if that helps any. I will continue to do my exercises.

I get disappointed when I cannot do something. Like I have trouble buttoning buttons now.

I hope all of you have a great weekend.

Thanks for listening.


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Sun, 08-15-2010 - 7:14am


It's not difficult to see you have a lot on your plate! Just know that we all have our issues and as they say, "You really wouldn't want to trade if you really knew!" Still,

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Sun, 08-15-2010 - 10:36am


There's not much more that I can say that Marty already didn't!

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Mon, 08-16-2010 - 6:28am

I have an issue with buttons, they can be a pain in the rear. I definitely must be on meds to button or unbutton.

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Wed, 08-18-2010 - 12:25pm


Marty couldn't have said it better and glad he and the others were able to tell you that you truly aren't alone here and that we all, in our own ways, can understand.

As if PD wasn't enough already, you have so many things to effecting you. I'm so sorry you have so much to deal with but do know we're here for virtual hugs, a shoulder to lean on, a great place to vent and an even better place for smiles, laughs and friendships.

I have a son who was diagnosed with bipolar depression and I quite honestly believe my DH has it as well. In many ways, I think Parkinson's is a cake walk compared to symptoms experienced with bipolar depression, especially unmedicated BP Depression. But I don't want to minimize PD either, as it is a struggle on so many levels as well.

I think you will notice a difference with your balance and strength with the PT. I know for myself, once I began doing Pilates near-daily I noticed a huge difference with my symptoms and/or my ability to deal with the symptoms and the progression of the disease.

and please don't think of yourself as a mess. My house, on the other, IS a mess. I have so much housework I need to catch up on.

Here are some words I

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Wed, 08-18-2010 - 12:43pm

yes Chris,

I've posted several news articles about the link between depression and PD over my years as CL here. In fact, I found an old post of mine from all the way back in 2004 regarding this subject.

which stated:

"People with depression are three times more likely to develop Parkinson's Disease than people who are not depressed, scientists have suggested. "

I remember at a support group meeting I attending at Johns Hopkins they had a psychologist who specializes in treating PWP and she said that they've discovered Depression can be an early symptom of PD and actually preceed other symptoms, like tremor, by up to 15 years! Ironically, exactly 15 yrs prior to my first noticable tremor I was being treated for idiopathic depression. In retrospect, I really think this was the early manifestations of my PD.

Here's even more articles on the link between depression and PD: