Sunday Secrets Spilled

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Sunday Secrets Spilled
Sun, 05-11-2003 - 9:55am's time to spill those secrets and come clean. Who guessed in the Fun Friday Five correctly? Did you know your fellow Parkinson's Board Members Well or did they stump you?!?! Are you a better liar than you thought?

I'm so glad you all played along! It was so much fun and I can't wait to find out the LIES!If you haven't yet posted 4 facts and 1 lie for everyone to try and guess, go ahead and post yours along with the other's in the Fun Friday Five Game thread! I'm sure everyone would love to guess some more from someone. It's never too late to join in the fun. So here we go:

Four Facts, One Lie

Of our recent Friday Five

Spill The beans, Go ahead

Post your answers in this thread

Tell us stories, if you wish

Go ahead and start to dish!

Lauren Sue


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Sun, 05-11-2003 - 10:00am
Lauren Sue's Answers to Four Facts and One Lie:

Ruben, the video wasn’t baloney and Barbara, don’t let the picture fool you…I’m not all that prim and proper, lol.

1) I won $200 on a Nationally Syndicated Radio Show burping and singing opera at the same time for a Talented Mother's Day Contest.

True. In 1998, The Don & Mike Radio Show (which originates near my home but is broadcast all over the united states) held a Talented Mother’s Day contest and my kids begged me to enter. I never thought we’d get on the air, but we did. I won the contest burping while singing Italian and German Arias. The next day, I heard my “talent” being used for a Don & Mike commercial as I was listening to the G. Gordon Liddy Show. It was a riot. They’ve replayed it several times on “Best-Of” episodes. My 15 minutes of fame and I was belching!

2) I was on an Academic Game Show on TV when I was in high school.

True. I wasn’t a contestant on the game show, though. There is a show in the DC Area called It’s Academic. My sophomore year, when 3 of our student’s competed for our school, they had the cheerleaders cheer before and after commercial breaks. So there I was on TV cheering for the Game Show contestants, LOL.

3) I was in a music video once, which was filmed in a science lab filled with frozen cats and dogs waiting for dissection.

Sadly, this is also TRUE. There was a local kids’ program on Saturday mornings in the DC area on ABC. The summer after high school, I got to be in a music video for that show and we filmed it at a University in DC. The song we were using was the one that has to do with all of the ELEMENT Symbols for Science, so we had to look like we were in a classroom. Why they chose the dissection room is beyond me. One entire wall of the classroom was a refrigerator with glass doors and it was full of cats and dogs in clear plastic bags. The smell of formaldehyde was awful. Luckily, that wall never appeared in the video. I really think, in a big university (let alone CITY) that they could’ve picked another room for filming.

4) I fell off a ski lift chair while skiing in Colorado.

Not True. This is lie. Yes, I’ve been to Colorado, but I’m a horrible skier and I barely managed the bunny slopes. No big slopes for me. Not even a ski lift chair ride. This was a lie, lie, lie. No one guessed it (hee hee)

5) When I was little, I tried to save time one night and dry my hair while I was in the bathtub.

True. I actually used one of those old-fashioned type hairdryers that had the cap you put over your head with a tube that connected to the dryer. My sister, who is 8 years older than myself, was walking by the bathroom and saw what I was doing. She ran in and unplugged the hairdryer, most likely saving my life. I endured lots of lectures on electricity and water safety following that incident. I have to wonder why NO ONE guessed this!

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Sun, 05-11-2003 - 10:06am
i) true. iwas riding my bike to a friends house and wasn't paying attention. i crashed into a parked car and opened a big cut above my right eye. i road home with my face covered in blood. my mom freaked when she saw me. a quick trip to the emergency room followed.

2) true. While i was getting my masters in english at arizona state, i taught freshman english for 2 years. i was assigned to 7:40 am classes both years. i had a standing rule that any 1/3 of the class could be asleep at any given time as long as they rotated.

3) false. i was not quarterback on my highschool football team. i was a small lineman. i think only one of you guessed right.

4) true. i was bouncing on a tree branch about 12 feet up when it broke. luckly the ground under the tree was spongy so i wasn't hurt. i decided to drag the branch home to show my mom. she was not amused.

5) true. i was a zoology major for my freshman and part of my sophomore year in college. i wanted to be a marine biologist. a very slow start in a physics class made me reconsider and i changed my major to english


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Sun, 05-11-2003 - 10:20am
wow, you really did major in zoology!?! So you went from talking to the animals to becoming a motivational speaker to all! How interesting!

Lauren Sue

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Sun, 05-11-2003 - 11:54am
My fib was "I was a music DJ" .I do know it is a great fun way to earn few bucks. My son has done DJ work since high school. He's worked WEdding receptions, party boats and a couple years at Club Med. Nick, all I needed to enter the Air Force at 17 was note from mom. I had just graduated high sschool was ready to see the world.


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Sun, 05-11-2003 - 7:17pm
1. My first job was working at the federal government.

True. My first job was an Intern job with U.S. Customs. I worked there for 2 years.

2. My mom had 11 children.

True. My mom gave birth to 11 children. Here are their names (not in order, lol)

John, Tony, Frank James, Richard, Frank Daniel, Jane, Cindy, Susan, and me, Barbara (the baby).

Then there are the angels...

Phillip, died at 3 days old.

Annette, died at 4 or 5 in a house fire while hiding in the closet.

3. I have a great mother in law.

True. I have an absolutely great mother in law.

4. I have brown eyes.

True. I have brown eyes. (I had blonde hair growing up but now it is dark so I dye it light brown.)

5. I have always been a stay at home mom.

False. Before quitting in December of 2000 I worked for an attorney for 9 years. Giving up work to be at home was a very very hard decision. We could not afford day care so we made the decision for me to stay at home until the kids got older.

I don't think anybody guessed mine....he he he.


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Sun, 05-11-2003 - 8:32pm
Ok Here is the truth and one lie....

True. I played Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Danced acrossed the stage

with the Tin Man, Scarecrow, and Friendly Lion signing my heart out.

True. I never received a ticket or had an accident. Came close to

getting a ticket when I was 17, but the nice trooper just gave me a


True. I buried 2 little turtles that were pets of our daughters. We

thought that they had passed away because they were are curled up in

their shells and did not eat for over a month. Put them in a nice box

and we had a proper funeral for them.Lol and behold we found out years

later that Turtles hibernate ( at least that was what I was told) Mom

felt pretty stupid.

True Yes we had an armed robbery in our home and were held hostage by

3 armed men with bandanas tied over their faces.Our daughters were 6 and

10 and my Dad was living with us. They woke us up around 1 OClock in the

morning and held us at gunpoint in the girls bedroom. Two of them

ransacked the house taking jewelry, credit cards, and what money that

they could find. They became very agitated and angry when they did not

get enought money, and threaten to kill us.My dear Dad, who had lived thru

the Depression, lost money in the Stock Market and did not trust banks.

He had a bad habit of hiding money in his bedroom. He told them that he had

plenty of cash and he would give it to them and he took then into his room

and pulled up the rug and there it was..Well they were elated and grabbed

it. Dick explained to them that we could not identify them due to the

coverings on their faces and and there was no reason to hurt us. As they

left the house, they ripped the phones out of the wall and told us that

if we notified the police they would come back and kill us all.

Dick secured the windows and doors and ran over to the neighbors house,

Woke them up and the police came quick.The next day one of them was caught

using my Sears Credit Card . He squealed on the other 2 and 1 year later

they were found guily of armed robbery and assalting my father cutting

him on the neck and pushing him to the floor. They got the maximum time.

The one killed a inmate in the prison and is serving a life term.

The sad ending was that my Dad never recovered from the trauma and died

6 months after what had happened in our home. We told him that he had saved

our lives with the money that he gave them and that he was a true Hero.

Yes I lied about climbing a tree, falling out of it and breaking my leg.

Hugs to all...Jane

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Mon, 05-12-2003 - 7:00am

Your father was a true hero, in every since of the word. Your story is heart wrenching and I can't imagine what your entire family was feeling at that moment, especially your daughters. Dick was also very brave to tell them to spare your lives. I'm glad they were caught.

Lauren Sue

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Mon, 05-12-2003 - 7:04am
Congrats on being a stay at home mom. You may have made many sacrafices, but the extra time with your children is a wonderful reward for everyone. And congrats on having a great mother-in-law, too! Finally, congrats on being a great liar, lol!

Lauren Sue (who also has brown eyes and blonde hair)

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Mon, 05-12-2003 - 7:06am
Woo Hoo! I got one right! I think yours is the only one I guessed correctly so far, lol. I guess we'll have to get your son to come DJ the big "3000 Messages Posted To This Board" party in chat, lol

Lauren Sue

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Mon, 05-12-2003 - 7:41am
OK, Here goes. The lie was I hitch-hiked to woodstock to see the bands. My girlfriend and I were planning on going, but our mother's found out and grounded us before we could get there. What do teenages under 16 know? LOL

Bet you guys would like to know where my tatoos are huh? I'll tell you later.

Never flown in a plane Nick, we always drove. Never had a reason as an adult either.

As for pickles, what can I say ,had a friend who liked ketchup on vanilla ice cream.

We were kids.

The drink and cigarette was in Oklahoma, he was performing and I was in the front ,it was a BYOL bar, he took my cigarette from my mouth then swiped my beer too.

Later on before the band left, he bought me another beer and regretted swiping my cig, it was menthol.LOL

I hope everyone had fun with this game.

Hugs Mary