New Folder Idea For Our Board

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New Folder Idea For Our Board
Mon, 02-14-2005 - 10:58am

I got this idea this morning for another new folder for our board. What do you all think of an


Our exercise folder could include:

  • Suggestions about exercise
  • Recommendations for different types of exercise
  • A daily exercise Poll
  • Articles about exercise

I think it would really help us commit to more exercise in our week if we are held accountable for our exercise. Perhaps we have a daily thread where we could each post what exercise we accomplished for each day. I know that we may not be able to exercise EVERY day, but even if we are just increasing the amount of exercise we do in a week, every little bit will help! Exercise could include walking, some stretching, Tai Chi, going to a gym, strenuous yard work, swimming, aerobics, pilates and/or anything else you might be able to do to work those muscles.

it's common knowledge that exercise is essential for People With Parkinson's...There are countless articles available online regarding the importance of exercise. Here's just one example:

Exercise and Parkinson's Disease
A good exercise plan can help your body to cope better with Parkinson's disease. Regular exercise can help maintain flexibility, good posture, keep muscles strong and joints supple, and improve circulation to the heart and lungs. It can also help you to deal with day-to-day stress and give you a sense of achievement and control over your condition.

Do you think an exercise folder would be a good idea?

Lauren Sue

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Mon, 02-14-2005 - 11:00am



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Mon, 02-14-2005 - 5:48pm
And I agree with Dani....IT IS A TERRIFIC IDEA....Jane will dust off her Treadmill and
hope to get back to walking 3 miles in 45 minutes...5 days a week...WOO HOO...Jane
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Tue, 02-15-2005 - 5:44am

I agree,exercise is very beneficial for pwp. Time spent fishing has taken my walking time. I do feel good after exercising. Feels great to snag a big bass or trout also.
Isnt casting and retrieving a fishing line good exercise?

ruben, dusting off recumbant bike

ps There is a group of men pwp that have a voleyball team in Anahiem California. Too far for me to drive. Sounds like fun to me. Hope they have padded floors.

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Tue, 02-15-2005 - 8:44pm

I think its a wonderful idea! I've been after Bill to exercise and he now is at least stretching every day for about 20 min. I could relate to him how well everyone is doing, I may even get him to try the board.


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Wed, 03-09-2005 - 11:55am

Yes, I think it would be a great idea. Maybe I would be more persistent if I had someone to answer to.