Friday Five For 05/20/2005

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Friday Five For 05/20/2005
Fri, 05-20-2005 - 9:32am

It's Friday the 20th, May 2005:

Come one, Come All...Feel free to post to this whenever you get a chance, even if it's past Friday.

1. It's that time of year when TV shows wrap up for their season. Any season finales you've enjoyed or are looking forward to viewing?

2. What was the last book you read and would you recommend it?

3. What was the last movie you saw (either rented or in the theatre) and would you recommend it?

4. What was the last magazine you picked up to read?

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Fri, 05-20-2005 - 10:15am

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Sat, 05-21-2005 - 8:44am
wellllllllllll i have been so busy wiht my surgery and things that i havent been up to date with the tv programs this yr reading is another story but no one would like the trash i read aas my kids call it but if i ant a good thinking book i like to history now a magaxine the last one was a quilting one found a pattern for a quilt for jessica and plans for the weekend iam going to finsih are at least one quilt if not the three that are almost done
i lead sucha boring life gail
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Sat, 05-21-2005 - 10:53am

Gail, what a beautiful hobby: quilting. It must be so rewarding when a project you've been working on is complete and even more so when you get to make it for someone you love!

and LOL at your kids calling your reading "trash". Atleast you're reading. Always nice to escape from reality deep in to a book...

Hope you have a great weekend

Lauren Sue

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Mon, 05-23-2005 - 8:45pm

First off....I am adding Lisa to my prayer list. Please keep us up-dated. Love Jane

1...Jag ( of course)

2...Its been so long that I forget...But I have the new Ya Ya Sisterhood book that Judy got me for Mothers Day and I hope to get started on it soon.

3...Too busy to watch movies. Maybe when the Snow flys and winter come, Jane will have more time....

4..Catalogs are the only books that I have time to read and I do order a lot from them.
It is the easiest way for me to buy what I need.

5..Well it was Dick and Janes Birthdays and the family ALL came in. They did all the cooking and cleaning up. We had a wonderful day on Saturday. Just having the family all here was the best Birthday Gift that Dick and Jane could ever have. Daughter and Son in law came in from Ohio and He moved my computer into another room and put up new louver blinds for me. YEH It was a Birthday to remember for ever.
God Bless you all....Love Jane