Irregular cycle, Perimenopause???

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Irregular cycle, Perimenopause???
Tue, 03-25-2003 - 10:00am
Hi all. I am 37 yrs old and the last 2 mc's have been very odd for me. The first one I thought I started AF but only had light bleeding for 2 days then AF stopped suddenly and didn't show up again for 7 days at which point it lasted for 8 days (no unusual heavy bleeding, just normal). This last mc I started a few days late but it also had very light bleeding for 3 days when AF stopped suddenly. It has been 10 days since that happened and I did have very, very slight spotting once yesterday. Also, I have been having a lot of gas (very embarrasing! due to hormones?). I did see my obgyn after the first incident and he did a pelvic sonogram to check my ovaries and for fibroids. He said everything looked fine and it was probably hormonal (perimenopause). This last mc I called him back and he wanted me to take a pg test, LOL (I've had unexplained infertility for almost 12 yrs and have never been pg). I didn't take a pg test obviously and want to know if anyone else had similar symptoms when they started perimenopause. Also, does your cycle get more out of whack?? Thanks for any input.

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Tue, 03-25-2003 - 10:22am
Cycles out of whack.... you bet!!! That is the most recognized symptoms of perimenopause! LOL Since you have experienced infertility for so long I am wondering if you could be experiencing premature ovarian failure. Not a dr but.... thinking about the connection there.... is this the same dr you have seen about that? If not I would make sure the dr knew what your history is.

You could easily be in perimenopuase.... that is the time before meno. It lasts up to 10-15 years with the normal age range being 46-53 with the average being 51. So you do fit in to the equation. I am glad you have seen and talked to your dr. ANY unusual bleeding should be checked!!! It can be something as simple as thyroid, or as serious as cancer. Or it can just be perimenopause!!!! Which most of the time it is!!!

Have you checked out the menopause oasis? It is in the middle of the front page. There you will find a list of 36 sytptoms or peri, many which you will not have thought about connecting. Also there is a list of web sites with helpful info. Our favorite is the early meno one.... good whether you get there early, late, or right on time! There is also a list of books and other info... the oasis is a great place to start your search for answers!!!

Come back anytime with questions, to share, vent or just hang out!!! Someone is usually here and remeber.... you are NOT alone!!!!


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Tue, 03-25-2003 - 10:30am
I think it is safe to say "Welcome to peri-menopause, moviefan9! Since you have seen your doctor recently I have no need to suggest that.

Yes, what you are experiencing is 'normal' - the irratic periods and the gas! Have you visited our Menopause Oasis? You'll find a link to it above. On the left side of the first page you will find a list of 36 common menopausal symptoms - you may be surprised by what some of them are!

Come back any time and please remember that there are NO dumb questions on this topic!



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