Menopause or Pituitary Gland Tumor?

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Menopause or Pituitary Gland Tumor?
Wed, 11-16-2005 - 1:10pm

Hello ladies, Im back again with more news. I seen my OB-GYN again today to discuss my blood test results that says my hormones that day of the blood test were fine. So heres the deal, several years ago I was told that I had a pituitary gland tumor and that it was benign nothing to worry about, take this medicine and it should be ok. So I took this nasty stuff that made me sick for over a year and then the next MRI, the tumor was gone. Now might I mind you that during this time that I had this tumor, I had all of the symtoms that Im having now except for the missed periods for months at a time. So now my doctor has set me up to see a gland doctor on the 6th of Dec to have me checked out again to see if that tumor is back. If its not back then the OB-GYN has agreed that my hormones are going crazy and that would explain that the day I had my blood test done was just a normal day and that they do go crazy like that... One day your hormones are normal and the next day they are all out of wack. So he does agree that compared to my blood test a year ago, something is not right. One year ago the blood test showed that I was in menopause and this time they were normal. That Pitituary gland is your master gland and can cause all of the symtoms of menopause. It is also very very common to have this tumor, alot of women have them and never are given an MRI to tell them they have one. How strange is that? Very,if you ask me. I just wanted to up date you all and let you know what is going on with me... Awwwww the drama that I have in my life.. I should be called the drama queen... I always have all of the strangest things happen to me.. In 1989 I found out that I had Alpha 1, yep what the heck is that? It is always misdianogsed as asthma until your about to die from breathing troubles and a doctor with some brains finally says hey something else is wrong with this person... What it does is gives you hereditary emphysema... Yep 39 years old and I have bad lungs, but that is another story! I will keep you update on the doctors appointments and let you know what they tell me is wrong... Tumor or menopause??? To be continued... =)


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Wed, 11-16-2005 - 1:28pm
Sheesh Lisa!