Post op 'allowed' and 'not allowed'

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Post op 'allowed' and 'not allowed'
Fri, 07-09-2010 - 10:29am

  • Picking up pillows and repositioning them-allowed
  • Turning on dishwasher after someone else has loaded it-allowed
  • Changing roll of toilet paper-allowed
  • Flipping on lightswitch-allowed
  • Folding laundry-allowed
  • Taking short, easy walks and gentle stretching-allowed
  • Lifting the remote control-allowed
  • Asking others for help-allowed and encouraged

  • X - Vacuuming-NOT ALLOWED
  • X - Sweeping or Mopping-NOT ALLOWED
  • X - Carrying laundry across house to washer-NOT ALLOWED
  • X - Lifting, Bending, Reaching, Driving-NOT ALLOWED
  • X - Lying around the house all day doing nothing-NOT ALLOWED (see above)
  • X - Bending to access oven or empty litterboxes-NOT ALLOWED
  • X - Going to Wal-Mart for some bargain shopping-NOT RECOMMENDED
  • X - Pushing a shopping cart-NOT ALLOWED
  • X - Sitting for prolonged periods of time i.e. at computer-NOT ALLOWED
  • X - Opening windows, particularly the hard-to-open ones-NOT ALLOWED
  • X - Making other people's problems your own-NOT ALLOWED
  • X - Picking Tomatoes, Weeding, and other such nonsense-NOT ALLOWED